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Daily Bullets: OSU doesn’t have as many skill players as Maryland

OKC Dave on the best conferences and the best in the Big 12, great Dana quotes, Kimmel/Kanye feud.




Spectacular. (Football Study Hall)

[Oklahoma State] does not have as many skill players as Maryland. (NewsOK)

Week 5 viewing guide. (PFB)

Ed Sherman is critical of Deadspin’s takedown of SI. (Sherman Report)

Dear football gods, please don’t let this be a Cate/Weeden situation. Also, a jewel from Holgy: It would be nice to get the receivers the ball. That’s why they’re called receivers, so they can catch the ball every now and then. (Fox SW)

This is kind of a strange thing to have on OSU’s site but tales from a Big 8 official are pretty interesting. (okstate)

OKC Dave on the Big 12’s best teams of the past four years. (PFB)

Do I look uptight? (NewsOK)

Walsh on Dana: He was definitely a lot of fun to get recruited by. (O’Colly)

Dana has seven (SEVEN) losses by 21 points in 2.25 years. (NewsOK)

Why drive efficiency matters. See: I’ll die on, hill. (Football Study Hall)

So EA is no longer making its college football game AND it’s going to pay student-athletes compensation? (CBS Sports)

I really like the way these box scores are done. (Football Study Hall)

I mean, if you aren’t going to Georgia football games…. (WSJ)


Smart is on the CBS preseason All-American team. I would have rolled some heads if he wasn’t. (CBS Sports)

Marcus Smart on what OSU’s ceiling is: There is none. (NewsOK)

All-American picks for the next three seasons. (ESPN)


SI’s 100 best Twitter follows. (Sports Illustrated)

And all the ones they missed. (USA Today)

Oh wow, Big 12 baseball tournament returning to Tulsa. (Big 12 Sports)

Hmmm, Netflix for magazines. Not sure I can get into this. (The Globe and Mail)

On how the Cleveland Browns might draft. (Big Lead)

Royce on the big questions the Thunder have as they head to camp. (Daily Thunder)

This was spectacular. (Deadspin)

And this Sammy Bradford GIF killed me. (Deadspin)

Every bad thing that’s happened to Jesse on Breaking Bad. (Slate)

This is interesting: How adding one button to an app tripled revenue for one company. (Medium)


That really is an odd stat.

This is awesome…some of you wish there wasn’t a 3-point line still.

“Higlights” or something else?

This was crazy.

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