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Daily Bullets: OSU is a 16-1 favorite to win it all

Texas fans trying to buy out Mack, Greg Gold says some pretty incredible things, baseball schedule, and how OSU stays sharp.




I actually laughed out loud at what Deadspin had to say about OSU’s ranking. (Deadspin)

Texas fans raising money for Mack’s buyout! via @snellingio (Indie GoGo)

Big 12 teams struggle to tackle. (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy on how OSU stays sharp. (NewsOK)

What’s wrong with the Big 12? It really isn’t a good conference this year. Maybe 5th best in the country. (ESPN)

OSU is 16-1 to win the title………. (CRFF)

OKC Dave with a different way to look at the top 25. Pretty cool stuff. (Football Study Hall)

Tyler Johnson started back-flipping because of Ozzie Smith. (NewsOK)


Do you think we can get Cross Canadian Ragweed? (CBS Sports)


Jimmie Tramel doing work right here — very good. (Tulsa World)

This is incredible. Everything I’ve been saying (or trying to say) just a lot more eloquent. (Medium Happy)

At the end of the day Thayer is a predator. Pretty wild stuff from Greg Gold. (O’Colly)

Boone lights SI on fire. (PFB)

This crushed me. I was near tears when I got done reading. (Sports Pickle)

This was also quite funny. (Onion)

Final thoughts on the SI series. (PFB)

OSU apparently hired the best firm to investigate itself. (Tulsa World)


2014 baseball schedule. (okstate)


I think Weeden is doneski in Cleveland, unfortunately. (USA Today)

Also, this is a bummer. (Tulsa World)

You guys probably aren’t into media-y stuff as me but this is wow-worthy. (Big Lead)

A review of the new fall comedies. (Grantland)

What Netflix needs to do to become HBO. (Ivey Business Review)

Pretty underrated tweet here.

Yes sir.

Haven’t watched all of this but the beginning sounded great (excited about his new book, too).

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