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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: OSU nearly sets passing yards record

New poll is out, the wrestling decision has been made for the Olympics, Berry on the scandal, and some of the best numbers from OSU’s 2-0 start.



I did the Weekend Bullets again on Sunday with a big roundup of the UTSA game in case you missed them.


Didn’t realize the UTSA game was the second-most passing yards by an OSU team ever. (okstate)

Is 239.2 a good passer rating? (Football Study Hall)

Pokes No. 12 in new AP poll. (CBS Sports)

Some good numbers here from Morris on OSU’s season so far. (Rivals)

Don’t blink. (Tulsa World)

Love this, wish there were 10 thoughts. (Fox SW)

JW, helmet sticker. Deserved. (ESPN)

Newcomers making an impact for OSU. (NewsOK)

Such a good weekend recap of games here. I missed the fat guy hook-and-ladder! (Football Study Hall)

Manny Diaz out, Greg Robinson in. That Texas pick to win the Big 12 is looking strong for me. (CBS Sports)

Spin me. (Scout)

Paging Kevin Sumlin! (CBS Sports)

Eminem was insane in the booth with Herbie and Brent. (Yahoo)

Weeden highlights…[ball goes through receivers’ hands, announcers yell about poorly thrown passes]. (NFL)

It was not the way we drew it up. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)


More on the Jared Terrell signing. (ESPN Insider)


Richetti Jones sticks up for the program. (Tulsa World)

Pretty interesting column from Berry here. Lots being written about OSU before the actual story comes out. I get what he’s saying though. (NewsOK)

Gundy’s not talking (duh?) (NewsOK)


Jordan Niebrugge played pretty well at the Walker Cup, and the US rolled. (okstate)

I’m not really sure what John Smith is saying here but I can tell he’s pretty excited about wrestling staying in the Olympics. (Scout)

Here’s more on the wrestling decision. (NewsOK)

This really interesting: on bundled cable and ESPN. (Awful Announcing)

What to expect at the Apple event on Tuesday. (Mashable)

Instagram is about to introduce ads. (Verge)




Pretty decent.

Love what OSU does on Instagram.


Here’s Coleman Scott on the wrestling decision:

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