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Daily Bullets: OSU promoting camps it doesn’t operate

Jeremy Smith’s smile, OSU’s sidelines are the most narrow in the country, MSU can run with anyone, Barry on Letterman.




Ah, this makes us look so great. (Yahoo)

Mississippi St. safety says they can “run with anyone.” Gonna file that baby away until this weekend. (ESPN)

OSU’s sidelines really are the most narrow. (Flickr) via @themikeharris

The hater’s guide to the top 25. Boone is talked about. (Deadspin)

Jeremy Smith has a $100 million smile. Maybe he really should go to L.A.? (NewsOK)

You could replace “Sam Richardson” with “someone.” (Big 12 Sports)

Jake Trotter has OSU win week 1. (ESPN)

These college football predictions are pretty interesting. (Big Lead)

MSU has corners that struggle…gonna be a long day. (NewsOK)

Here are all 125 teams ranked. I’m glad Matt Hinton is writing for Deadspin now. (Deadspin)

Maybe even a first down. (CRFF)

The Picker takes the Pokes by 17. (Tulsa World)

I can’t read this but Jenni defends the BCS. I actually do want to see her take. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 is a total zoo — here’s what to watch in week one. (ESPN)

Texas recruited Thurman Thomas as a defensive back. Of course! (PFB)

Gundy on cowbells. (NewsOK)

F/+ has OSU winning by nearly 17. (Football Study Hall)

Athletic dept. trying to set the single-season mark for most GIFs made in a year? (Tumblr)

I wrote about Dez and Johnny Football on Thursday. (PFB)

Why winning in Houston is important to Gundy. (NewsOK)


Understanding natural monopolies. (Seth Godin)

This team played dead and pulled a prank on its QB. h/t Deadspin

Here’s Ryen Russillo calling out that OSU SEC record…as he should. via Orange Power

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”206″ iframe=”true” /]

Here’s @carsonc5 doing work on Ole Miss fan from last night:


Probably time to get over this one.

Where was this when I was there?

Pretty sure this isn’t a home field advantage.

OSU has done such a great job with these.

This is almost like a parody.

This is like Tebow porn for those of you (us?) who love him.


The full Dallas Buyer’s Club trailer I posted half of the other day.

This is something…

Jimmie Tramel on the OSU season.

Here’s Barry Sanders on Letterman from a few weeks ago. He looks so comfortable.

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