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Daily Bullets: OSU’s pace of play is top 10 in the country

Week 4 viewing guide, Brad Girtman speaks, Saban to Tejas?




Love this. On pace of play and how many teams are under 20 seconds/play. (Football Study Hall)

Also, I did this on pace of play this summer — only seven teams have ever broken 20 seconds. There are currently seven teams this year under 20 (including OSU). (PFB)

Interesting that so many QBs in the Big 12 are ahead of Walsh in passing efficiency. (Rivals)

Gina Mizell on the CRFF podcast. (CRFF)

Week 4 TV viewing guide. (PFB)

Will Mack Brown get booed again? Ah, the Big 12 might not be good but it’s certainly fun. (Fox SW)


Getting that hospital photo shoot in. (okstate)

You guys think Tulsa can get this AND the Olympics? (Sports Illustrated)


Brad Girtman speaks! (Tulsa World)

I rounded up everything you could ever read about the SI stuff. It will live here. (PFB)

Former Cowboy wrestlers taking over UFC. (NewsOK)

All of the moneys. (Big Lead)

Pretty good Barry Switzer interview here. (Big Lead)

On Bleacher Report and sportswriting in 2013. I wish I could write like this. (Classical)

This is horrific. (CBS Sports)

Interesting look at the strategy of CBS. (Sports Business Daily)

These Virginia Tech helmets are…something. (Uni Watch)


Oh yeah?




On where OSU goes from here…

Well this sucked.

When I get bored I start typing “Dez” into YouTube and just say bye to many hours…

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