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Daily Bullets: OSU’s running game is putrid

New unis for OU and Texas, Shaun Lewis is a man, writing opportunity for fans, and highlights from Saturday.




This post is sad…and correct. (NewsOK)

For those of you who think I suck and that you could do a better job (hey, some of you maybe could), here’s your chance. Seriously though, Whetsell is a good dude and this is a cool opportunity. (CRFF)

Cool quotes here from Glenn Spencer on Shaun Lewis. Also, school record for fewest penalties! (NewsOK)

Video of OSU’s game-winning drive Saturday and some thoughts on what it means for the offense. (PFB)

Leftover photos from the KSU game. (Flickr)

🙁 (ESPN)

Gotta admit, I like OU’s new unis. (Sooner Sports)

I like Texas’ more though. (Sports Illustrated)

I did a poll on who fans want to start at QB for OSU. (PFB)

I got compared to Benedict Arnold yesterday. Benedict Arnold! (Orange Power)

How much of this swung towards Musburger? (CBS Sports)

New defensive commit. This guy looks like he’s 35. (Scout)

The Big 12 power poll here is just such a bummer. (CRFF)

What happens when Baylor plays an elite defense? (B/R)[1. I know I usually have a “don’t link to Bleacher Report” policy but Ben is a good writer and this isn’t a slideshow.]

Lewis and Grogan are Big 12 players of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

Caleb Lavey as an unsung hero. Agreed, he and Shaun Lewis were tremendous on Saturday. (ESPN)

Well this is weird…and awkward…but mostly weird. (CBS Sports)


OSU is only on CBS once this season. It’s a great one, though. (CBS Sports)

[raises hand] “we’ll do it!” (Yahoo)


I thought this was great. (Big Lead)

People really do not like Malcolm Gladwell. (Gawker)

This on one of the biggest boosters in college sports is supposed to be excellent. (New York Times)

This on the efficiency of news is pretty good. (Medium)

Somebody emailed this to me yesterday, it made me laugh out loud (the end)…

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 10.26.38 AM


I laughed.




They need something..


Is he standing up?

That last one…

Highlights from Saturday.


Are they trying to tackle him?

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