Daily Bullets: Rennie Childs has ‘an edge to him’

Written by Kyle Porter


Yurcich on Childs: “I think he’s got an edge to him, he’s competitive and he’s tough.” (Yahoo)

This is pretty interesting: Chances each contended has of going undefeated. (SB Nation)

It sound like everybody’s in on Childs. (NewsOK)

This headline about the ISU-OSU game is very true. (Scout)

Quite the headline here. (NewsOK)

Case McCoy thinks TCU is favored over Texas because he’s at QB. (Big Lead)

LDJ has a heck of a bucket list. (okstate)

Every football player (especially the linemen) think they’re good at basketball. (NewsOK)

Troll Tide. (CBS Sports)

The Big 12 is bad, Part LXVI. (NewsOK)

Kelly Hines hands out midseason grades. I think the offense could even get a worse grade. (Tulsa World)

WVU on DeForest: “Nothing to see here!” (Yahoo)

The Brandon Weeden Era might be over in Cleveland. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Matt Amilian was really good on the podcast this week. You should give it a listen. (PFB)


A reminder that the guy who danced in this video is now a Big 12 coach. (Rush the Court)

Huggy Bear compares Marcus Smart to Jason Kidd. (PFB)

Good interview here with Jason King and Fran Fraschilla on Big 12 hoops. (Rush the Court)


My gosh, this goal. (Deadspin)

Some cool Gary Ward stuff in here from John Farrell. (NewsOK)

Steve Kerr tells a great Toni Kukoc story. (Deadspin)

Great headline here. True story, too. (CRFF)

I like these. The shot of the orange power dude crushed me.

I was trying to find something positive on YouTube related to OSU-ISU and I forgot about this..

When a video says “Compilation: One-handed catches” I’m pretty much always putting that in here.

Cool Homecoming video. via @troberts580.

  • Sugar Skull Pete

    What are the odds that OSU could hire Brandon as the QB coach?

    • R00st3rPokes

      How ’bout the OC? He knows the playbook as well as anyone.

      • OSU2002

        As long as he doesn’t call for Walsh to execute the back-handed-flip pass…

      • Laith

        I love that idea. Someone tell Gundy

      • OSU-Bill

        Hell, Weeden taught the playbook to Monkin.

  • OSU2002

    Is Blake Jackson still on the team?

    • Doug

      That’s a good question.

      Ateman was getting a lot of buzz in the preseason and a lot of run in the early games, but he has all but disappeared as well.

      I just don’t see how the QB/WR connection has gotten so muddled. How do you take a very effective passing game (when either Chelf or Walsh was in), subtract almost no receivers, add a bunch of (theoretically) good receivers, and have it turn all to crap? The run blocking has been very bad this year, but the pass protection has been adequate. I don’t think the decline of the passing game is all on the OL. Was Isaiah Anderson the key to the whole thing last year? Austin Hays? What?

      • Alex

        Answer: you look at the biggest thing that did change, offensive coordinator. The playcalling is conservative, we are using about half the playbook from last year, and the guys on the field don’t look confident in what they are doing.

    • Dreaming Man

      Yeah, I voted Jackson to have the breakout season in the preseason SurveyMonkey. Poof. Where is Blake Jackson is almost as big a question as Who is John Gaut?

    • osuvet

      he is injured

  • Casey Shepherd

    Yeah….last years TCU highlights were better anyway. I had the same question about Blake. Hope we get him back soon.

  • David

    Yes, Rennie Childs has made a few nice plays but let’s not forget the guy has only had 15 rushes on the season! 15 rushes for 60 yards = 4.0 ypc. Yawn. Hopefully he is OSU’s next Randle, but it’s WAY too early to “crown him.”

    • Alex

      Hell no it isn’t too early, Smith rushed for 1.17 ypc. That’s slap-yourself bad.

  • osuav8er

    I couldn’t click the link….Just seeing the uniform combos…..Still can’t let it go…..