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Daily Bullets (September 1) – Gundy Field, Who’s the Backup Quarterback (this week)?



Out with the Lewis, In with the Gundy

Should OSU rename its field for Mike Gundy?

If the Athletic Village does eventually bear the name of Holder, it’s because he has been an OSU fixture for 52 years and is chiefly responsible for the dramatic upgrade in facilities.

In December 2015, I posted this blog on “If Oklahoma State considered it a good idea to place Eddie Sutton’s name on the Gallagher-Iba Arena game surface nearly 11 years ago – when he still was the Cowboy basketball coach – is it time now for university officials to consider stitching Mike Gundy’s name onto the turf at Boone Pickens Stadium? If there is an Eddie Sutton Court, why not a Mike Gundy Field?” [TulsaWorld]

Serious question time: how would you compare Eddie’s effect on Cowboy Basketball to Gundy’s on Cowboy Football? I don’t think Gundy’s there quite yet but would it surprise you if that’s a serious debate when both careers are complete?

Quarterback Roulette

When Keondre Wudtee entered the game Thursday night – what’d that mean? Where was the true “backup”?

“It’s a complex deal,” he said, “and what we’re going to do is watch each one of them during the week and see if they’re ready based on how the game goes. And a lot of times you can’t predict it based on how the game goes.”

Wudtee performed well against an inferior opponent, looking improved compared to the brief series he played at South Alabama last season (though both were small sample sizes). He completed only one pass for 1 yard, but picked up 47 yards on five rushes.

The redshirt rule, which will allow Brown and Sanders to compete in up to four games apiece without losing a year of eligibility, makes Oklahoma State’s moves going forward trickier.

Conceivably, the Cowboys could play out the 2018 season with three “No. 2” quarterbacks. Sanders could back up for four, Brown for four and Wudtee the rest (and the more games Cornelius plays all four quarters, the better). [TulsaWorld]

Pick three more games for Wudtee to be the backup (Kansas, South Alabama and Tech?) and we’re off to the races. It’s a vote of confidence in Corndog but a reasonable hedge as well.

OSU and NCAA Notes

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Tackle breaker, pass catcher, side trimmer.

Great point, Ryan.

OU made this list (of course).

Never thought about this reasoning.

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