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Notebook: Chuba Crushed, Wild Kiss Cam and Mike Boynton is a Rock Star

What to make of a fun first game in Stillwater on Thursday.



I touched off my annual opening 10 Thoughts (which always runs close to 2,000 words) on Thursday evening but still had a few things left in the notebook to unload after OSU moved to 1-0 and won their 23rd consecutive home opener. Let’s get right to them.

• Being in Stillwater on Thursday night felt good. It didn’t totally feel like college football season — it never does until it gets a little cooler — but being there in person is always a reminder of how electric that place can be. Even against Missouri State.

• Another fun part of going to games and being in Stillwater is catching up with friends and acquaintances who also cover the team. Obviously it’s always great for our PFB squad to get together, but it’s also great to see how other folks you don’t see as often are doing. Everybody has always been really kind to me (and us) even though I’ve probably not always been the best at being the new guy around. I’m glad for that, and it genuinely makes me enjoy this job even more than I already do.

• Great work by OSU having Pete pound a massive remote control to turn the jumbotron on for the first time. A+ on the planning and execution.

• Justice lost yardage on the first play. I looked over at Kyle Boone and — in a completely and totally earnest manner — mouthed the words, “Fire Yurcich.”

• Calvin Bundage running around trying to hit somebody after not playing football for eight months looks 1. Exactly how I thought it would look and 2. Like one of my kids after eating one too many scoops of ice cream.

• I almost cried laughing over this tweet.

• J.D. King should not be allowed to have good hands and mobility out of the backfield in the passing game. This feels like a Madden glitch.

• One thing I noticed about the video board is that everything is sponsored. Every highlight, every replay, every segment — and maybe the kiss cam should have been sponsored by HBO on Thursday evening. That’s neither good nor bad, I just found it intriguing.

• I don’t normally like the all-orange uniforms, but I thought this worked pretty well. I’m in on the Patriot Pete topping off the Rickie Fowler circa 2013 look.

• I already love Jim Knowles.

• I started looking around for a press box defibrillator for Kyle Boone when Chuba went in motion out of the backfield. He couldn’t feel his limbs.

• Jelani in the backfield made me gasp. He looked like he was on the Little Giants and his birth certificate needed, well, certification.

• They showed Markelle Martin’s hit form the 2012 Fiesta Bowl on the video board at one point. It was as good as you might think it would be.

• Mike Boynton is a rock star in Stillwater right now. We eyed him strolling the aisles of the stadium to cheers and high fives from everyone. He has a disarming way of both drinking it in but also giving it back. It’s astonishing that he’s gone from “who?” to this in less than 18 months.

• Guys, I know Justice looks like an NFL back, and I’m not even saying this is his fault … but should we be at all concerned that only one of his carries went for over 7 yards?

• I saw many of these tweets from people who know more things than me.

• Somebody in our Slack hopped in during the middle of the first and said, “I was told Cornelius’ arm was as big as Rudolph’s. That is fake news.” I don’t know why I laughed so hard at this but it slayed me.

• Tylan > Tyron. Don’t @ me.

• If double stacking McCleskey, Tyron, Stoner and Tylan with Justice as the single back isn’t going to make you like Mike Yurcich then maybe you’re just never going to like Mike Yurcich.

• Speaking of Boynton.

• The stat broadcast provided by Oklahoma State has sack-adjusted rush yards this year.

• Oklahoma State ran 92 plays on Thursday. Missouri State ran 65. This seems bad for Missouri State’s defense.

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