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Daily Bullets (September 12)



Stars or Nah?

National pundits wonder if Oklahoma State’s starless defense can hold teams…. Gundy thinks so.

“I mentioned that throughout the summer that we didn’t have that guy that people were going to talk about being an early round (NFL draft) pick, but I did like our overall team speed, I liked our depth,” coach Mike Gundy said. “I thought we had more guys that could play in a game than even we had over the last couple of years, and I think you’re seeing some of that at this time.” [USAToday]

I’d love to have Calvin Barnett or Emmanuel Ogbah on this team but the overall depth and athleticism on this team definitely feels different than ten years ago. Would you rather have two stars and some scrubs or a two deep of solid players?

Respect the Brand

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi is pretty impressed by the Pokes – especially compared to receivers from other leagues.

“I think the Big 12, ACC, athletically compared to the Big Ten — and I coached in it for eight years — those receivers are going to be a little bit different. I mean, we didn’t have problems locking down the No. 1 receiver Saturday, did we?” Narduzzi explained.

“And I haven’t had troubles in the past, but when you’re talking about locking down some of the NFL wideouts that have come out of the Atlantic Coast Conference, and I compare it to what we saw last year out there [in Stillwater], I know now.” [Pittsburg Post Gazette]

I take that as Narduzzi comparing OSU’s wideouts to the best of them – Clemson, Big Ten guys, the whole lot of them.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Former recruit testifies he was offered six-digits – how prevalent is cheating?….Mayfield apologized for the flag-planting (I think it’s a part of his Heisman campaign)….USC vacating losses because of Reggie Bush?….OU and TCU did loads for the Big 12 last weekend

Ammendola… got special teams player of the week?  He only missed one and went deep a few times.

I’ll continue – move the league offices to Guthrie.

A three year deal for the Cowboy walk-on.

Where all the good QB’s go to hang out.

You and me both, Big Al.

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