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Daily Bullets (September 15)



Jump Ball Experts

Pitt has zeroed in on what makes the Rudolph-to-Washington pair so hard to stop… ya know, other than NFL arm-to-NFL athleticism/ball skills.

One of the things that caught the Panthers off guard last season was the sheer height of the deep balls that Cowboys quarterback Mason Rudolph delivers. The loft he puts under the ball makes it more difficult for a defensive back to make a play on it and lets speedy receivers like Washington outpace coverage deep down the field. [Pitt Sports Now]

That’s an angle (pun intended) I hadn’t heard before. Boy is it pretty.

Pro Pedigree

Mel Kiper put out a new “Big Board” and has Mason as the No. 25 NFL prospect.

Rudolph (6-5, 230) has a good, not great, arm, and he’s not scared to take chances down the field. He’s a poised, veteran leader who has been consistent throughout his career. Oklahoma State hasn’t played a tough game yet this season, but I like what I’ve seen from him. [ESPN Insider $$$]

I’m not sure what would have let Mel down but you’d think his resume would start him somewhere higher than 25 – and a distrust because of an easy schedule wouldn’t be a factor.

OSU and NCAA Notes

OSU could set the season ticket record this year (premium ticket policy for the win)….Ed Oliver and rebuilding Houston….What a gal: college football player gets married at practice….Sincere and heartwarming piece on a late dad and his seats at Spartan Stadium

Need Rob Glass to hook a brother up with two pairs of those shades for infants.

Call me crazy but I would have put a kidney on Mason throwing more than nine deep balls through two games.

The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Hours from any real football games. Will people in line buying show tickets count as attendees?

Love this.

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