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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (September 23)



Texas this weekend

Too bad the Cowboys couldn’t have caught Texas before the quarterback change. On the other hand, might as well get Heard early in his development, before comparisons to Vince Young are a little more legitimate. (NewsOK)

Texas didn’t offer Emmanuel Ogbah even though he wanted to go there. (PFB)

J.W. says Texas last year was the low point. It’s kind of tough to pick just one. (NewsOK)

Texas seems pretty content with moral victories these days. (PFB)

Charlie Strong: “Our goal is to win the conference. That’s one of our goals. We’re going to go out and compete each and every week. For us, it starts this week with Oklahoma State. We know we have to go play well because it’s a really outstanding football team.” (AP)

I’m not sure Texas is as bad as everyone is making them out to be. (Tulsa World)

Football news

QB2 on QB1: “There’s nothing in particularly I do (to keep Rudolph grounded) because he doesn’t need it. The great thing about our friend group, we’ll all be hanging out at the house, and we’ll definitely all keep each other’s heads on our shoulders. We give each other a hard enough time as it is. Just to hang out with the guys, it’s hard enough for anyone’s head to get too big.” (O’Colly)

These chalk talk posts at CRFF are always so great. I loved this one on what OSU is stealing from Auburn, Oregon and Green Bay. (CRFF)

OSU is averaging 508 yards a game, and that’s barely in the top half of the Big 12. (Big 12 Sports)

What’s up with the Todd Mays? (PFB)

Bedlam botanical garden. Pretty impressive stuff. (PFB)

Individual statistical profiles. My gosh, that is amazing. Our pass defense has been not great. (SB Nation)

How confident are you that OSU will win the Big 12? Come vote. (PFB)

Carson and I have a new podcast out. I have a pretty bad #math moment. (PFB)

Around the league

This is my bigger question about Baylor spying on OU: Who knew that Briles is building a fiefdom in Waco? (NewsOK)

OU is really, really mad about 11 a.m. kickoffs. I say FOX is just trying to protect its primetime viewers from seeing a massacre on live television (of OU’s defense). (Yahoo)

Gary Patterson goes for the TKO of Art Briles. I’m with Tramel, bring on November! (LGG)

By the way, if you like Big 12 news, you should be following Land Grant Gauntlet. They have been doing a great job covering the league this season.

Uniform chatter

Peak Adidas. (CBS)

Hoops news

Marcus Smart got some new ink (is that what the kids call it)? (PFB)

Chris Olivier chose his number because of Julian Wright. I feel like I’m 60 years old. (okstate)

Pokes on the Pokes

Jerry Jones is higher on Brandon Weeden than OSU fans are! (PFB)

The Cowboys traded for Matt Cassel to back up BWeeds. (Dallas Morning News)

Good breakdown of what Tyler Patmon (and other NFL guys) did in Week 2 by Chandler Vessels. (PFB)

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