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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (September 24)



Ready for Texas

Vance Bedford compares Mason Rudolph to … Brandon Weeden?? (PFB)

Cool story here by Mark Cooper on what it means to various OSU players to go to Austin. (Tulsa W0rld)

Tre Flowers wants to silence 100,000 Texas fans. (PFB)

Mike Gundy 3-2 in Austin as head coach. All other OSU coaches combined are 1-12. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State has a big advantage statistically. (PFB)

The most important player in the OSU-Texas game might not be who you think. (PFB)

S&P+ says Texas by three. I’m scared. (SB Nation)

It feels like Oklahoma State is about to have a Jerrod Heard problem. (PFB)

Football news

Good post her on the importance of turnovers with a very Glenn Spencer-like quote. “Hopefully those things are contagious. Hopefully that keeps some blood in the water and it’ll make them crave it more. So we’ll just keep attacking like we always have.” (ESPN)

Film study: What caused Ramon Richards’ interception. (PFB)

OSU’s attorney in the Joe Wickline case: “The case is going to get resolved one way or another. And perhaps the new fresh air at UT means it can get resolved in a business manner instead of in a courtroom.” (NewsOK)

Cool post here on some of the best views from Stillwater this week. (PFB)

Justin Phillips confirms he is redshirting. (PFB)

Zach Crabtree: “I think we’ve come a long ways when you look at us from the end of last year to now. The passing game has been very good. To see what we’re doing up front in the passing game is very rewarding.” (Tulsa World)

Cinematic highlights from the OSU-UTSA game. (PFB)

Emmanuel Ogbah has dropped on Mel Kiper’s big board. Down to No. 16. He was around No. 8 or 9. ($) (ESPN)

Mason Rudolph would bring J.W. Walsh on a desert island because he’s probably good with nature. (PFB)

Around the league

The Big 12 is looking to add the misconduct rule to freshmen (they’re already applying it to transfers). (CBS)

Interesting quote from Briles here: “I think I’ve lost my edge a little bit, quite honestly. It’s something I don’t want to happen. I’m not standing here because I was edgeless. I’m standing here because I had an edge about me for a long time as a person and a coach, and I don’t want to lose that and I’m not going to let someone take that away from me.” (Big 12)

Brandon Weeden starting

“Now for a few weeks I have to take the bull by the horns and be a leader in that huddle.” (Dallas Morning News)

Other sports

KD, back. (Daily Thunder)

Richard Fowler is four rounds from winning $10 million (and he controls his own destiny). (PFB)

This is crazy. Watch the kick at the end!

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