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Daily Bullets (September 27)



Wrapping up the Texas game

Perfect headline from Berry Tramel here. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy: “I’m not sure that I’ve been in a game that had as many ups and downs, and highs and lows, since we played [Texas] Tech [in 2007]. There’s got to be a percentage out there that says if you give the other team 14 points off turnovers on the road in conference, there’s probably a 95 percent chance you’re going to lose.” (Go Pokes)

How about Kyle Fredrickson picking the exact score and ending to the OSU-Texas game? (NewsOK)

OSU and Texas combined for 38 yards on 27 plays in the 4th quarter. Yikes! (ESPN)

Here’s the photo album from Austin. (okstate)

Heard had a school record 527 yards total offense last week against California, but, chased and spied by the speedy Cowboys, he accounted for just 167 yards and was sacked seven times. (Tulsa World)

It’s fitting that the announcers whiffed on the most important play of an atrocious game. (NewsOK)

Gundy says this like it’s an issue: “I have to coach and think at times. I thought our defense was playing good enough. We had already made mistakes and put ourselves in a difficult situation. We needed a field goal to try to get this thing in overtime, to try and regroup and try to put something together.” (NewsOK)

I thought Rennie Childs was really good even though OSU couldn’t move the ball at all late. (Tulsa World)

Mike Gundy: “Offense put defense in a bad situation twice and they rallied back.” (ESPN)

On the weird QB swapping at the end of the game. (O’Colly)

Yeah, it was sort of weird that Texas ran 23 fewer plays than OSU, no? (NewsOK)

Pistols Firing recap

10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

Notebook with all my leftovers. (PFB)

OSU player reaction from Austin. (PFB)

The nine best quotes from the OSU-Texas game. (PFB)

Matthew McConaughey and KD were hanging out on the sidelines. (PFB)

Here’s Mike Gundy getting down. (PFB)

Six stunning stats from a weird game in Austin. (PFB)

Sad Texas fan reaction is the best reaction. (PFB)

The social media recap was pretty amazing. (PFB)

Thought the chrome-white-black look was pretty terrific. (PFB)

Superlatives from my man, Kyle Boone. (PFB)

This is insane.

Around the league

The TCU-Tech game was completely insane. (CBS)

Here’s the tipped game-winner, by the way.

Dana 🙁 (CBS)

Leonard Fournette is AD reincarnated. (CBS)

Oregon got TORCHED in Autzen. That’s shocking. (Yahoo)

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