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Daily Bullets: Smart not 100% sure he should have returned

How good is the OSU defense (?), everybody but this advanced stats guy is taking Tech, and OSU is No. 8 in the first AP poll.



So this is a little ridiculous. The clowns who used to run Cowboys Ride For Free are hoarding the Facebook and Twitter page. The people who now run it are actually really good at running it but they lost all their followers. Give them some love here. Really, go do it. 


Exactly how good is the OSU defense? We’re about to find out. (ESPN)

Berry picks Tech, that’s who I’m taking as well. (NewsOK)

We did a Big 12 QB draft yesterday and it was all kinds of fun. (PFB)

Desmond Roland’s dad to Desmond: “Just do you.” That’s actually what my dad texts me before I get started on the 10 thoughts after each football game.  (NewsOK)

Kingsbury’s giving $1K to the Halloween costume winner Saturday night? (Fox SW)

Good stuff here on Tech. Jace Amaro gets compared to Jermaine Gresham. Hopefully he can actually read. (NewsOK)

Y’all misspelled “pretty.” (Tulsa World)

CRFF interviews Kliff. This is great. (CRFF)

Charlie Moore: “We’re going to have a good game plan and keep practicing like we have been and know that at anytime, the passing game can rise up. There’s nothing we have to work on that we haven’t worked on.” (NewsOK)

Big 12 teams as Halloween characters. (ESPN)

Advanced stats say we’re gonna beat Tech. All hail advanced stats! (Football Study Hall)

Charlie Moore on this weekend’s elimination game: “It all starts this Saturday.” (ESPN)

Is OSU serious about winning the Big 12? We’re about to find out. (Fox SW)

Everybody is picking Texas Tech. (ESPN)


Must must must must read on Marcus Smart. (ESPN)

OSU is No. 8 in the first AP poll, top 10 is loaded. (Big 12 Sports)

3-point shooting will be a huge factor in whether or not OSU is successful this season. (NewsOK)

An improved Marcus Smart could be scary. (ESPN)

The best photos from Sunday’s game against Campbellsville. (Flickr)

This dunk! (Yahoo)

Marcus Smart as a chocolate bar! (Sports Illustrated)

This is a bummer — Melvin Ejim is out for a month. (Yahoo)


This NBA stat news is awesome for stat nerds. Very progressive. (Time)

Johny Hendricks got second degree burns while filming an MMA commercial. Yikes. via Chism Sander. (Bloody Elbow)

This interview with Dan Shanoff on entrepreneurship is old but I really liked it. (The Awl)

Gio Bernard goes Barry Sanders against the Dolphins? More like Senneca Wallace. (Big Lead)

Ben McLemore, have mercy.

This just crushes me.

This isn’t really a defense of Dez, but this is true.

Just for fun.

Indiana does Thriller. B1G. Via CBS Sports.

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