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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: So many twists and turns

A scandal roundup from the last two days.




This is the most “wow” thing I’ve read so far. (Tulsa World)

Tales from a walk on was really good. (NewsOK)

Doug Bond says he spoke generally about college sports and Thayer used those quotes specifically for Oklahoma State. (O’Colly)

Greg Gold says Thayer Evans is a predator. (News9)

Lester speaks: “This thing was done right.” (CBS Sports)

A list of all the folks named by SI. (Tulsa World)

Good point here by Berry about academic standards here. (NewsOK)

OSU’s recruits are not budging (for now). (ESPN)

The Norris family statement. (Tulsa World)

Brandon Weeden’s response was probably my favorite from yesterday. (PFB)

Charlie Johnson and Kevin Williams deny. (NewsOK)

Some major issues with the SI report so far. (Tulsa World)

I think these articles by Berry have been quite humorous. (NewsOK)

Good questions here by Whetsell. If you’re SI, regardless of the report, was it the smartest move to put Thayer on this story? (CRFF)

Jerry Don Bray is a man of few words. (O’Colly)

Wow, Marilyn Middlebrook was never contacted. (NewsOK)

Jonathan Cruz says Thayer Evans said he was “writing on college football to try to help the future generations of athletes who want to play college football.” Also, this: “if I was getting improper academic assistance, why was I on academic suspension?” (O’Colly)

Charles Robinson’s “eff you” at Sports Illustrated. (Yahoo)

Good read on Terry Henley. (NewsOK)

Seymore Shaw said he tried to retract his statement. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for this. (Fox 23)


I can promise this weekend will be an elite crowd. (Fox SW)

15% of OSU’s plays last week were “explosive.” (ESPN)

This is excellent: Where college football’s recruits come from. (Football Study Hall)

OSU-Baylor-OU 1-2-3 in the power rankings. (Fox SW)

Zack Craig had 30 friends and family members at the UTSA game. (Scout)

JW’s fun to play for. (Yahoo)



Yeah, didn’t make much sense.

Moses speaks.

Wow. (Romenesko)

UTSA highlights…

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