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Daily Bullets: Spencer simplifies OSU defense

Must read on Dez, must see on concussions, UTSA has large crowds, and an incredible Brandon Weeden quote.




Must read on Dez. via @carsonc5 (Sports Illustrated)

I felt like I noticed this on Saturday a lot. Good on Glenn Spencer for taking plays away from the D. (NewsOK)

Obviously it didn’t start well getting trapped under the flag. Great article on Weeden here.(

No mention of the fact that Gundy was going with Walsh no matter what in the third series? (NewsOK)

Week 2 college football TV guide. (PFB)

Roll Tide. (Fox SW)

UTSA gets as many fans at its games as OSU? Wut? (NewsOK)

Kip Smith had a great debut. Is there a more punter name than Kip Smith? (Tulsa World)

I’m already excited for WVU-OU. Here’s some stuff to watch in Week 2. (ESPN)

Tweaking the OSU unis. (PFB)

I don’t like this — they should do the entire end zone! (CBS Sports)

Two straight single-digit games?? (ESPN)

Brendon Morris breaks down the diamond formation. (PFB)

They’re going to be chomping at the bit to come at us and come prove something. (NewsOK)

The best UTSA primer you’ll read. (SB Nation)

Big 12 power rankings. I think this is going to become a weekly thing. (PFB)


Two of my colleagues debate the best backcourts in the country. OSU is top five. (CBS Sports)

Interesting story on a girl rocked by the Budke tragedy. (ESPNW)

Not sure why this is a slideshow but OSU is ranked No. 10. (Sporting News)


Great headline or greatest headline? (Verge)

Man, this is good — on Ryan Leaf. (Playboy — not the real site, the SFW one)

Oh boy, Netflix for books is here. via Kevin DeShazo (Pando Daily)

Is Nintendo dead? (Tech Crunch)

I agree with this (see here). (Sports on Earth)

I laughed.

Yep, this is good. You can also go here.

Couldn’t agree more.


Great shot.

I like this O.

Weeden’s arm 🙂


Oh boy.

Not bad, feels like this video has been made 29 times.

I’ve still only seen like two 30 for 30s…here’s the trailer for a new one.

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