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Daily Bullets: The Big 12 stinks

But Baylor is good, and so is the WVU head coaching vacancy, as well as this Dez catch and SMU’s throwback uniforms.




I’m not sure how good of an argument “if they haven’t banned boxing, they aren’t going to ban football” is… (NewsOK)

This is an excellent roundup of everything you missed last weekend in college football. (Fox SW)

West Virginia might be a dumpster fire as well. (Fox SW)

Jenni Carlson on why OSU and OU need Texas and USC to be good. (NewsOK)

I’m legitimately worried about this. (ESPN)

This is about as Gundy as it gets: “I guess at any time anybody probably has the capability of not playing as well on offense as they would want to.” (Scout)

Pretty fascinating stuff here from a number of different athletes on whether or not college athletes should get paid. (Tulsa World)

Good point here by Gina on the offense helping with turnover margin. (NewsOK)

On what will come of the SI stuff. (Tulsa World)

Pokes still No. 1 in Ubben’s power poll. (Fox SW)

If WVU couldn’t score against Maryland, what are they going to do against this? (NewsOK)

Berry on how much the Big 12 stinks. Look at the three best non-conference wins! (NewsOK)

Yeesh, WVU gets OSU and Baylor consecutively. (Big 12 Sports)

Feels like I’ve been hearing this for six straight years. (NewsOK)

John Hoover with more on the “athlete should be paid’ argument. (Tulsa World)


Marcus Smart’s replacement? (ESPN)


Cowgirls win in overtime. (okstate)

Arian Foster says he was getting paid at Tennessee. (CBS Sports)

Dez gonna Dez. (NFL)

Georgia Tech throwback. Meh. (CBS Sports)

These unis, on the other hand…spectacular. (CBS Sports)

Brilliant. via @ryanduffie (Today I Found Out)


I laughed.


Cinematic highlights vs. Lamar…

Neil Patrick Harris’ opening monologue from the Emmys last night…

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