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Daily Bullets: Things are never as bad as they look

OSU as a top 10 program over the last four years, Walsh on being better, sweet Oklahoma shirts on sale.




This is spectacular. Alabama high: 1, Alabama low: 2. Yikes. (Football Study Hall)

Read this first section about Jeremy Seaton and tell me OSU doesn’t have a “teams don’t respect JW’s arm” problem. (NewsOK)

Welllllp. (okstate)

I wasn’t very good and there’s a lot to correct. (AP)

There really have been some good OSU-KSU games in recent history. (NewsOK)

It’s never as bad as it looks. (Fox SW)

Ranking the OSU football helmets (with photos). (PFB)

The discipline that kid has is really unreal. (NewsOK)

What isn’t Oliver Luck a candidate for right now? (CBS Sports)

The five biggest problems facing OSU right now. (PFB)

I wish the Locketts had decided to go to OSU. (Scout)

Ubben says OSU big, I concur. (Fox SW)

Good breakdown of what to expect from K-State. (Rivals)

New Oklahoman editor on Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden. (NewsOK)

The thought of Calvin Barnett at an Emily Post seminar crushes me. (okstate)

Joel Klatt, not a big OSU guy, apparently. The problem? He’s kind of right. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore is definitely going to be more productive from here on out. Feels like the fifth year of that statement. (NewsOK)

We’re No. 2! We’re No. 2! (KOCO)


Oh. (CBS Sports)


Average top 10 revenue-producing school player worth over $400K. OSU isn’t top 10, but it’s close. (Big Lead)

Presti on Westbrook’s injury: “It doesn’t end our world.” (Daily Thunder)

This was so filthy. (Deadspin)

MJ destroyed OJ Mayo when he was in high school. (Sports Illustrated)

This is pretty interesting on how schools are profiting on D3 football. (Deadspin)

These two shirts are amazing. You should check them out. (Curated regular, Curated hoodie)

On a cheap laugh on the Internet. via @richarddeitsch (Salon)

We buy stories, not products. via @snellingio (Medium)

This is INSANE. via @robbyfoland (CNN)

The $750K story is as important for the future of journalism as the story itself. (Atlantic)


Sad but true.

October nights in Stillwater are tough to beat.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (via Big Lead)

This is pretty awesome.

One of my favorite OSU games ever.

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