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Daily Bullets: Tramel’s Clint Chelf emails are amazing

Dez’s issues are based on family disfunction, not race, Jeremy Seaton watches Say Yes to the Dress, Les Miles drives.



Thanks to everybody who entered for Kansas-OSU tickets yesterday and congrats to Ross Gillispie, our winner.


Dez Bryant’s inability to control his emotions is not a racial issue. It’s a family dysfunction issue. What a column! Read it. (ESPN)

I hope the answer to both OSU questions here is “no.” (Fox SW)

Mike Gundy is the 11th-highest paid coach in the country. See what his starting salary was. (PFB)

These Chelf emails are gold. Some OSU fans seem to struggle with the concept that an outcome of a decision doesn’t make that decision right or wrong. They’re the same folks who think a hit and run is only the right call when it works and always the wrong call when it doesn’t. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Seaton watches Say Yes to the Dress. If you say “I’m around when it’s on” that means you watch it. Trust me. (okstate)

Les Miles handed out velvet jogging suits when he was at Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

Is this exciting? I find the Big 12 website to be a bit unpalatable. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU-Pitt will play a home-and-home later this decade. (NewsOK)

Gundy means trading Jeremy Smith, doesn’t he? “We were so bad in the running game we would have tried anything. If you had Plan B, you would have tried to make trades or do anything possible to get the fire going and get a spark.” (Tulsa World)

We’re still paying Turner Gill. (CRFF)

Redshirt tracker. Pretty cool if you have a Rivals subscription. (Rivals)

You can meet Barry Sanders. (Tumblr)

Ubben has OSU by 40 over Kansas. He also has Baylor huge over OU. (Fox SW)

Charlie Weis says they’ll build a statue if KU goes 6-6. (NewsOK)

What to watch for with Kansas. Hint = not much. (247)


Smart on Friday: “It’s the opener. Everybody’s excited. We’re buzzing around town and around the school. So I’m pretty sure I’ll see a good turnout.” (O’Colly)

You’re going to see basketball on Fox Sports a lot this year. (Fox SW)

Ranking the non-conference basketball games. It’s ugly. (PFB)


Cowgirl soccer is in the semifinals at the Big 12 tournament. (Big 12 Sports)

Incredible photo of Rafa here. (Deadspin)

Mack Brown found out about the Texas AD hire via Twitter? (Big Lead)

The email opportunity. You solve our email problem and you’ll be a multibillionaire. (All Things D)

This dude walked away from $1 million because football will hurt your brain. Gladwell is right. (ESPN)

I know some of you follow what I do in my other life. This is a really cool post on golf blogging/writing that I’m quoted in. And you can probably take “golf” out. (Chicago Duffer)

This husband/wife team that used to create the MLB schedule fascinates me. (Grantland)

How to increase your Twitter following. Gotta be honest, Twitter is starting to wear me out. Via Kevin DeShazo. (Forbes)

The changing mood in Thunderworld. (ESPN)

This is fantastic.

Royce, beardin’.

Can’t wait till we start freaking about him making layups.

I would watch two hours of Les Miles driving around and talking to random people.

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