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Daily Bullets: Van Malone’s story is a great one

Why OSU matters to Baylor’s title hopes, must-see November on deck, Yurcich on Chelf, OSU hoops = DEEP.




Must-read on Van Malone. Wow. (Tulsa World)

Berry’s efficiency ratings show Texas’ defense weakening. (NewsOK)

Why OSU matters to Baylor’s title hopes. (Big Lead)

Why turnover margin will be so vital on Saturday. (PFB)

Gundy said it but it’s worth noting again. This team gelled late because it started winning, not for any other reason. (NewsOK)

David Glidden was an unsung hero on Saturday. (ESPN)

This Barry Sanders is must-see. Really well laid out and well done. Bravo. (O’Colly)

Josh Stewart back on Wednesday? Hopefully? (NewsOK)

On must-see November in the Big 12. (Fox SW)

OSU’s 2013 team is similar to Auburn and Texas A&M. Good work by OKC Dave here. (PFB)

Cool look at who the Heisman should go to. (CBS Sports)

Best of Mike Gundy’s presser. (PFB)

Justin Gilbert gets co-special teams player of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

New uniforms for Louisville. Adidas gonna Adidas. (CBS Sports)

I laughed at the Baylor comment. (CRFF)

Texas has so many injuries. (Rivals)

Brandon Webb: “We got these last three games and we control our own fate If we win out, we do what we want to do and we’ll leave it up to the BCS poll after that, but right now, we’re going for the Big 12 championship and so are these next three teams in front of us, so we just got to prepare.” (Yahoo)


Ford: “With our top eight guys, I’ve got about 15 different ways I can go right now. like our top eight right now. With our depth, there’s some versatility.” (NewsOK)

Some great photos from Friday night. (Flickr)

Ford on Murphy: “He’s a very important part of our team. He’s to a point kind of the x-factor for us. We need him playing his role.” (Scout)

Cobbins: “A dunk gets the crowd into it. A block also gets the crowd into it, but it also hypes my team up as well because it’s like, ‘Yeah, we know we’ve got somebody who can protect the rim.'” (Tulsa World)

We’re in the middle of a 30-hour college basketball frenzy. Here’s a guide. Kentucky-MSU and Duke-KU tonight. (CBS Sports)


Cool video of OSU soccer team reacting to getting in the tournament. (okstate)

Why should I pay you? (Medium)

If you like you’ll like this interview. (FastCompany)

This basket collapsing is terrifying. (Deadspin)

Been meaning to read this on a buddies golf trip to Scotland. I finally did and it didn’t disappoint. (Golf)

This was great.



Mike Yurcich talking Clint Chelf.

James Franco playing somebody scary is laughable but this looks good.

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