Daily Bullets: Why JW Walsh got benched

Written by Kyle Porter


Why JW Walsh got benched. (NewsOK)

Good stuff here busting some myths about OSU’s offense. I really like these posts. (CRFF)

The Oregon pigeon! (Deadspin)

Berry’s right, the Fiesta Bowl will be hideous. (NewsOK)

Why OSU’s red zone woes are…encouraging? (PFB)

OSU is 46th in offensive F/+, 8th on D, 87th (!) on special teams. (Football Outsiders)

At least we won’t have musical chairs with the QBs next year…[looks at Mason Rudolph tape]…oh wait, yes we will. (B/R)

Ohio’s new unis are weird. (CBS Sports)

I agree that it’s pretty weird that nobody’s getting No. 1 snaps. (CRFF)

Gina looks at the offensive line shuffle. I don’t have access, you might. (NewsOK)

This about sums it up, yes? “I think we left a lot of points out there on the field. Neither quarterback played extremely well. Both made mistakes and both made some plays.” (Yahoo)

Who is OSU’s most important recruit? (ESPN)

Does it matter who starts at QB for Iowa State? (NewsOK)

Crazy long (and good) breakdown of what OSU is doing with Shaun Lewis on defense. (CRFF)

I also think Shamiel Gary has been playing well. (NewsOK)


“We saw what happened with Kentucky last year.”¬†Also, Smart’s comments on the Oregon game are pretty interesting. (NewsOK)

Rick Barnes is done, isn’t he? (Rush the Court)

Why Bill Self worries for Andrew Wiggins. (Tulsa World)

Smart and Wiggins, not boys. (PFB)

I love how hard Ford is repping KU as the conference favorite. (NewsOK)

Here’s Travis Ford’s presser from yesterday. It’s not real exciting. (Big 12 Sports)


Oklahoma State has a top five recruiting class. (okstate)

Great move here for ESPN. (Deadspin)

GMs like the Thunder. (Fox SW)

How storytelling is like magic. This is so awesome. (Nieman Storyboard)

Must-see pc of Mike Tyson as a kid. (NY Mag)

Is James Harden better than Russell Westbrook? (Daily Thunder)

This headline crushed me. (Deadspin)

Really interesting story here on somebody else (besides Nate Silver) leaving the New York Times. (Mediaite)

That a boy.

The always-excellent Dude Perfect.

Parody of KD’s PB&J shoe is pretty great.

Wut? Simmons’ face is unreal after Jalen gets done.

I’ll watch.

This is so great.

  • kevin

    1. JW could have had a 95 yd drive capped with a TD if he didnt fumble that snap…which led to tossing the INT. His throws looked good, decision making was poor on that 2nd INT but overall it appeared that he played better than Chelf.

    2. Stewart and JW have a real connection – they were making plays. One of thier best moments was taken away by a penalty when Stewart made that one handed sliding catch.

    3. JW was putting the ball on the money on the long throws hitting Stewart on the sideline, placing the ball only where the receiver could make the play. Even that long bomb to Moore was perfect. It is important to note that a lot… and i mean a lot… of the incompletions for both JW and Chelf were because the receivers were being held and pulled off their routes by TCU defenders.

    4. Its going to be a very hard decision for the coaches to name a starter after watching tape. Do they roll with Chelf, who may be that “spark”? Do they stick with JW trusting him to make better decisions? Either way, I think whoever gets the nod at ISU is going to have a good game – and that will be the QB going forward.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Tracy Moore made him look bad by not catching a perfectly thrown ball in the end zone on the first possession too. I think the whole game would’ve been different if he makes that catch.

  • OSU-Bill

    I’m starting to get really excited for baseball. It should get its own heading when the season starts.

  • BulletFan

    Thanks for posting the Grantland video. What I didn’t know from listening to BS Report podcast, but I now realize from looking in Jalen Rose’s eyes (and watching him dump water on the floor) is that he had obviously been drinking. That’s good background information to have.

  • WTC

    IMO the one truth to our QB situation is this, we haven’t seen an accurate passer this year at OSU. I always heard, that even with big-arm Weeden gone our offense would thrive bc the air-raid depends on accuracy more than arm strength. JW would be accurate if all the receivers ran a 5.0 40 and Chelf just reminds me of the Rex Grossman parody poem, screw it, I’m going deep.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    “Shelf”? It is really THAT difficult to pronounce Chelf correctly, Jenni?