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Written by Kyle Porter

Sad for Stillwater Junior High today as well as the Poulos family.

Great stuff on the OSU D here about yards per play. (Barking Carnival)

Berry Tramel thinks OSU will win if it runs the ball effectively on Saturday. Insightful post. (NewsOK)

I’m not sure I have any clue what Monken is saying here. (NewsOK)

Browns-Ravens on NFL Network tonight. (NFL)

Terrific story on one of the most important golf outings in football history. (O’Colly)

Kelly Hines says no unis on Saturday and they were never actually presented to OSU by Nike. (Tulsa World)

Gina also says false. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen goes deep to give you a preview of Saturday night. (Scout)

Cool QB interceptions stat here. (ESPN)

See, I’m unbiased, guys! (SB Nation)

Big recruiting weekend for the Cowboys. (NewsOK)

The kid that shot himself yesterday was apparently dressed as Two-Face. (KOCO)

Ubbs says Horns by 10. (ESPN)

Maybe Gundy’s just trollin’ Texas, y’all. (Sports Illustrated)

Good stuff with stats here headed into the weekend. Didn’t realize OSU was one of only three teams that hasn’t allowed a sack. (Horns Nation)

BPS needs a win over a higher ranked team. (O’Colly)

I’ll say he starts still. (NewsOK)

Good perspective here. (CRFF)

They have also only beaten three higher ranked teams at home in the Gundy era (throw in Nebraska in ’06 and Tech in ’05)

So this happened.



I’ll probably get rolled for saying this but I’m a big Krasinski fan.

  • OSUaggie

    Didn’t make it past the first daily before responding. A great, fascinating look at the OSU defense from the perspective of a Texas Longhorn that appears to actually understand the game. Appears to do a good job of assessing the risks OSU D poses to Texas.

    • Sean

      Good post from the UT guys except they think Gilbert is the Punt return guy. Do they not remember the 2nd half kickoff last year?

  • Anonymous

    It was superhero dress up day at the jr high in Stillwater yesterday. There was a student dressed up as Two Face with his hair died red, but it was not Cade.

    • That’s weak that news outlets are reporting this then. Wow.

      • They probably thought of the Aurora shooter dressed like the Joker, then added a 2 and 2 that weren’t there.

  • ArkieOkie

    You’re more likely to get rolled for posting a trailer for an anti-natural gas film in Boone’s sphere.

  • Pokelahoma

    Been a long time Barking Carnival reader. Scipio has always been fantastic. He’s always been fair to us. His takes are always smart and usually really funny.

  • source-less hack

    Soooo Kelly Hines says the unis weren’t even designed by Nike….I thought you had a source saying otherwise? Sounds like someone made something up to seem more credible than he really is. Oops.

    • I actually had more than one person say that.

      • Jeff

        They were designed by Nike. Just turned down by OSU, so the papers are old. The OrangePower Premium board then Photoshopped the locker room picture and then leaked it to the media. OP is a joke.

        • source-less hack

          Those uniforms were absolutely not designed by Nike. Period. What “locker room” picture are you referring to? The documents detailing the liquid metal/camo uniforms et al were not real. They were not produced by Nike. That’s been confirmed by equipment management via OP administrators. So, your sources either suck – meaning you need to quit citing them, or you made them up out of thin air to get undue credibility. I don’t care which one it is…that’s weak.

          • Assuming you posted this same thing on CRFF for incorrectly breaking the story?

          • source-less hack

            They owned up for it. You think you’re 2 for 2. Big douchey difference Kyle.

  • Poke_4_Life

    Kelly Hines says no unis on Saturday — I’m not watching our team with no uniforms!

  • orangestateofmind

    Monken was on the coaching staff here back in 2002-2004 as pass game coordinator and wide receivers coach, followed Les to LSU and then went to Jacksonville to coach WR’s.

  • Nate

    What a bunch of left-wing, liberal propaganda bull sh** from Hollywood. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less…

  • Mark

    Man, never thought I’d see an article about our defense that was so objective, written on a longhorns site no less. The whole section on the secondary killed me!! Just awesomely funny. But what did you not understand about monkens comments Kyle? Seemed perfectly clear to me. Reasonable perspective on the fact that two good teams can play a game, but one of them HAS to lose, so the idea that they are failures for losing to a good team is a little exaggerated.

  • KS1010

    So in your bullet “I’ll say he starts still”, are you referring to Lunt or Walsh? If you are talking about Lunt why do you think that?

  • Kyle, we come here for OSU sports material, not to get anti-fracking movies shoved down our throats, GEES!

    And thank goodness those uniforms aren’t real. Since they’re not, I’ll predict black-grey-black but I have a feeling they’ll bust out the grey helmets (which I don’t like)

  • Charles

    Gotta be liberal to make it in journalism. Amirite?
    Kyle – love your blog but please don’t mix your (uninformed) political views with our love of the Cowboys.

    • Poke

      There’s no reason that fracking has to be partisan. And, perhaps you should inform yourself of how fracking affects communities and their water supply. I feel so bad for you that that bastard of a thing called science conflicts with your view points.

      • Charles

        I apologize in advance for using big “bastard” science words, but I urge you to research the difference between biogenic and thermogenic gas.

        • Poke

          The point is that science has demonstrated multiple negative effects to waterways and groundwaters that affect the health and well-being of the people that reside in those areas. And apparently, some people don’t give a crap about those people and their health, which appears to be the issue the movie is addressing. My apologies for being concerned about water degradation and its impacts to communities and wildlife. Keep on frackin’…and reading

          • Charles

            I concede, you’re the fracing expert….

      • Charles

        Please help me, I’m looking for a way to “inform myself” but apparently I can’t use science. What do I do??

    • Steven

      I’m searching up and down for Kyle’s political views. I’ve always wondered.

      Can you show me where you found them, please?

  • Steven Myers

    All Black uniforms on Saturday.

  • Speaking of K-State 2007, I remember when some of the media thought Prince was the up-and-coming young Big 12 coach, and that he was a better coach than Gundy. How times have changed.

  • I always look forward to the “non” sports post or vid at the end of the bullets, so you keep putting it up Kyle. Your show, your call. Don’t always like it, or get it, but always look for it.


    And making an effort NOT to be worst neanderthal we are all quite capable of being.

    • Charles

      The assumption that I don’t have an open mind because I disagreed is laughable. I have a Bachelor’s degree in this area and currently working on a Master’s. Maybe I’ll need a Ph.D. before I “FIND OUT IN THE END THAT I WAS WRONG ALL THIS TIME”, but until then I guess I’m just a neanderthal 🙁

      Again, just want to see sports here. I didn’t turn the channel to CNN on Monday night to get the recap of the game.

      • Poke

        I hope your MS program teaches you to think. That’s a big part of what they should do. Narrow-mindedness and not challenging yourself leads to stagnation…

        • Charles

          That’s exactly what it has done. Hardly any tests; all research.

          • Poke

            Don’t forget your defense :).

  • Poke (and Kyle) – I know this is in the archives, but this movie, “Promised Land”, is partly funded by Image Media Abu Dhabi, a company “wholly owned” by the United Arab Emirates that just so happens to be an OPEC country. I’ll let you put together the rest of the pieces there. Poke, I’m continuing to “inform myself”, how’s your research coming?