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Sad for Stillwater Junior High today as well as the Poulos family.

Great stuff on the OSU D here about yards per play. (Barking Carnival)

Berry Tramel thinks OSU will win if it runs the ball effectively on Saturday. Insightful post. (NewsOK)

I’m not sure I have any clue what Monken is saying here. (NewsOK)

Browns-Ravens on NFL Network tonight. (NFL)

Terrific story on one of the most important golf outings in football history. (O’Colly)

Kelly Hines says no unis on Saturday and they were never actually presented to OSU by Nike. (Tulsa World)

Gina also says false. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen goes deep to give you a preview of Saturday night. (Scout)

Cool QB interceptions stat here. (ESPN)

See, I’m unbiased, guys! (SB Nation)

Big recruiting weekend for the Cowboys. (NewsOK)

The kid that shot himself yesterday was apparently dressed as Two-Face. (KOCO)

Ubbs says Horns by 10. (ESPN)

Maybe Gundy’s just trollin’ Texas, y’all. (Sports Illustrated)

Good stuff with stats here headed into the weekend. Didn’t realize OSU was one of only three teams that hasn’t allowed a sack. (Horns Nation)

BPS needs a win over a higher ranked team. (O’Colly)

I’ll say he starts still. (NewsOK)

Good perspective here. (CRFF)

They have also only beaten three higher ranked teams at home in the Gundy era (throw in Nebraska in ’06 and Tech in ’05)

So this happened.


I’ll probably get rolled for saying this but I’m a big Krasinski fan.

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