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Daily Mullets (December 23)



Santa brought Brad Underwood a 7-footer for his 2018 Final Four run.

Colorado’s redshirt problem

Good stuff here on how CU pulled a freshman QB’s redshirt and how it changed their program.

Four years later, the answer is … a resounding yes. Liufau, like Rudolph, will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in his school’s history. Liufau — a 6-foot-4, 240-pound, Tacoma, Wash., native — set 98 different program records in his four-year career in Boulder, including 9,568 passing yards and 39 quarterback starts while also battling though injuries the past two seasons. [NewsOK]

It’s weird to think about these two QBs being two of the best ever at their respective schools. But it’s true.

Stoops reputation damaged

Berry Tramel asks some interesting questions here that I sort of discussed when I wondered about the slippery slope of moral authority.

A punch crosses the line, most of would agree. How about a physical action that is less violent than a closed fist? How about a verbal threat? Hate to break it to coaches, but their decision-making doesn’t go to autopilot just because there’s a zero-tolerance policy. [NewsOK]

You should read that entire thing. Very thoughtful.

The best B12 performances

The President makes an appearance at No. 6.

The Cowboys figured out their best plan to beat Pitt was throwing deep over and over again. Washington made that plan work with nine catches for 296 receiving yards, the second-most by any FBS receiver in a game this season. [ESPN]

Mason Rudolph also shows up at No. 8.

Ken Starr speaks

The former Baylor president once got Tevin Elliott un-suspended (Elliott is now in jail for rape) and he doesn’t think gang rapes happened in Waco.

The former president made himself look silly defending his actions as the school’s president as the depth of the sexual assault scandal became known. And he continues to do just that. He told the Journal he personally has “doubts that there were gang rapes.” [Yahoo]

Might be best to just not say much else if you’re Starr.

Keller takes over SFA

Great job here by Mark Cooper documenting what Kyle Keller is doing in Brad Underwood’s wake.

Before he ran practice back on Nov. 22, Keller said he was still trying to make all the parts jell. In the drawers beneath his desk and over his head behind him sat binders full of plays he liked and practice plans he thought he could use one day when he got his head-coaching gig. They go all the way back to his days at Louisiana Tech in the early 1990s, he said, though the oldest binders are at home. He even had notes for how he wanted to run his first team meeting, influenced by some tremendously successful head coaches in Sutton, Self and Kennedy. [Tulsa World]

Still staggering to read the words of a man who should probably he dead.

All purple everything.


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