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Darius Curry’s Fifth Year in Stillwater Might be His Most Important



Much has been made of the Cowboys’ experience (or lack thereof) at the cornerback position. It’s a serious question. A defense that showed a propensity to get beat deep last year lost a lot on the back end. Now Ramon Richards, who owns all 23 of OSU’s returning starts at corner, has been moved to free safety.

There’s still a possibility to slide Ramon back if all hell breaks loose, as Glenn Spencer alluded to earlier this spring. But Richard’s ball hawking and free-wheeling style that can leave him vulnerable at times on an island works much better in the middle of the field.

OSU still has a good chance to land Clemson grad-transfer Adrian Baker for the fall, but let’s look at the experience of the players currently in spring camp.

The nine spring roster spots slotted for the corner position shake out like this: two seniors, four sophomores and three freshmen. That group has a combined 52 games of experience at the Division-I level — and zero starts.

Here’s a look at OSU’s cornerback experience.
  • Darius Curry – 28 games
  • Madre Harper – 12 games
  • A.J. Green – 9 games
  • Bryce Balous – 2 games
  • Malik Kearse – 1 game
  • Rodarius Williams – none
  • Lamarcus Morton – none
  • Javarus Blair – none
  • Bryce Brown – none

28 of those 52 appearances belong to redshirt senior Darius Curry and most of those have come at special teams.

Curry may have not started a game at corner but he’s head and shoulders above the rest of the room in experience. The fifth-year Cowboy knows that’s one of his biggest assets that he can offer this season. And he’s relishing the role.

“If they [the younger cornerbacks] have any questions they always come to me and ask'” said Curry. “Even with that, they’re learning really fast so they pretty much know everything so if they need me, I’m here. If not, they’re good. I just watch after them.”

Curry also knows that if he needs any help in the leadership role, Ramon is always willing to chime in.

“I mean, of course Ramon always tries to get in there,” Curry said with a grin. “Tries to put his little input in. We listen sometimes but sometimes we just let it ride.”

While Curry excels as a leader in practice, he describes his on-field style as “hands-on” and physical. And he’s not just on the team to be a big brother. He’s in the hunt for a starting role.

Mike Gundy has noticed the work his fifth-year senior has put in.

“Curry has been improved,” Gundy said “just from being a veteran, but the young players have continued to get better.”

“I think the young guys are doing really well,” Curry said. “There’s some really good competition between all of us and I feel like all of are pretty prepared for the games.”

Curry, who’s seen the majority of his reps on special teams, would love to end his career as a starter but says he puts the team first.

“Of course, but whatever to help the team out is what I’m happy with.”

With the lack of experience at such a crucial position, Curry can help the team out in several ways. His five-year stint in Stillwater has prepared him to take on a unique and fitting role for 2017.


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