Darrell Williams Charged With Rape

Well among the things I thought I’d be heavily Googling today (AOL, Huffington Post, Aaron Rodger’s Belt), “Darrell Williams Rape” was not in the mix.

Unfortunately it is now.

OKblitz.com is reporting that the Junior “has been charged with three counts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery.” (okblitz.com)

This stems from an investigation that began in December and has lingered like a black cloud over the team for the entire Big 12 portion of their schedule. If proven it also carries a 1-15 year prison sentence.

Obviously Williams will be suspended immediately and, pending what Ford finds out, eventually kicked off the team.

Torre Johnson anyone?

One of my favorite sayings I’ve come across in reading articles and trolling the message boards is something a guy on orangepower.com posted after Blackmon got arrested for his DUI: “why can’t we have nice things?”

It’s true, Williams was coming into his own averaging a sturdy 11-5 spot in his last five Big 12 games. Alas, we probably won’t ever see him in an OSU uniform again.

In the short term I suspect his starting spot will be re-taken by Matt Pilgrim who has actually looked legitimately interested in playing basketball the last few games. And when he is, he can be an absolute force.

This bigger story is that this incident is representative of a larger concern: what is Travis Ford’s vision for his program? You get the feeling that he’s never really had complete control over his players, the arena, and the leadership of this school as a whole since he’s been there. I’m a massive Ford proponent but maybe he needs to spend a week or two with Gundy to learn how to build a program the right way.

  • OSUpdt24

    Huge blow for the team. That’s just disappointing to hear.

  • that’s a punch in the stomach. brett and i went down a list of 10 or so basketball players who either transferred, got kicked off, or quit the team, and i almost threw up. it’s sad where our program is, and could be.

  • Tera

    I can’t explain how sad this makes me. 🙁
    Not good. Not good at all.

    • pistolsguy


  • BBinKC

    I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. The direction of the program does not look good. This team has a lot of holes. Many of his recruits have been huge disappointments, especially the point guards. I hate to say it, but his best players have been Sutton’s recruits.

  • PokeyV

    Geez, what a waste. JamesOn I feel your pain on that. I tried to put the list together one night and got so depressed I gave up. We are a far cry from the 2004 team that stole my heart and I’m not sure what I think about Ford. We play like an NBA team and don’t seem to run anything; we just stand around and hope JPO drives to the basket or kicks it out. It’s weird. I know we are “young” but whatever, tOSU is young too.

    Side-comment: how many of our “stud” guys (in either football or bball) have had a season ending injury during their senior years? It’s bizarre if you start to look it up. Not sure I want to make a list again…

  • OSUpdt24

    So that list starts with the entire recruiting class of 2005 minus Eaton and Terrell?

    • pistolsguy

      Haha yes. I need to make this into a post…

  • Nolo

    I wouldn’t say Gundy’s players are all model members of society either. Bo Bowling? Justin Blackmon? Jamie Blatnick? Just to name a few off the top of my head…and you might be right about most of his good recruits being Sutton’s, but since I’ve been an OSU fan, he’s leading the Suttons in tourney appearances 2-0. Yes, I’m admittedly extremely biased toward Ford, but he has another young team this year and a couple great recruits coming in next year. I wouldn’t write him off just because of one incident and because he’s following the Suttons who everyone loves. I realize you’re not writing him off Pistols Guy, but I feel like most OSU fans are looking for a reason to and I think they’re going to end up regretting it.

    • pistolsguy

      No, you’re right, that statement was probably a little brash and not necessarily as well-worded as I would have liked.

      I guess my point is that I haven’t felt like Ford has really captivated Cowboy Nation. He’s done a fine job as a coach, and I think he’s an extremely good one, but it’s felt a little like he hasn’t really bought in to OSU. That maybe we’re just a stepping stone to UK (or wherever he goes next).

      I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing, just that it affects the way fans view him and the whole essence of Cowboy hoops.

      • Chino_05

        He won’t get to UK winning 67% of his games, or whatever it is. Pokes need to get back to the top of the B12 in wins, championships, and attendance for that kind of step up…heres to hoping he can do it.

        • Nolo

          I just think that it’s tough for a guy to captivate a half-full GIA which is something that has been a problem since the Sean Sutton days. I remember my Freshman year (Eddie’s last year) I camped out for tickets and got there early to get good seats in a packed GIA but the attendance has gone down every year since. That being said, if he does have one foot out the door, which I don’t believe is the case (Calipari isn’t a bad coach), can you really blame him? He signed up to coach in the rowdiest arena in the nation, not a stadium that can’t fill up for a noon Bedlam game on a Saturday. He took over a program that was on a MAJOR downswing and took them to two straight tourney appearances. I just don’t think the Cowboy Faithful are giving him a very fair chance.

      • AmyQ

        I don’t think this is necessarily T. Ford (who I love) being unable to captivate the OSU hoops nation as it is an exposure of what a huge mess was left to him from Seans stint as head coach.

        • Nolo

          I completely agree AmyQ!

      • Jason

        The only reason he hasn’t “captivated” the masses is because his last name isn’t Sutton or Self.

        • pistolsguy

          I agree to an extent, but I also don’t know what effort he’s put forth to do so. Maybe I’m just oblivious to it.

  • Chino_05

    Just at a time when we needed every positive we could get.
    “Bummer, man. This is a bummer.”
    -The Dude
    I don’t know what else to say. Pilgrim step up son!

  • @natethiry

    I’m a fan of Ford’s production as a coach. Can’t argue with 2 trips to the dance. Here’s a thought, though regarding the fan following– When they signed Ford, I thought, “This is the guy we got because we couldn’t get Bill Self,” and I’m pretty sure that’s what most of the orange and black faithful were thinking. In fact, that’s still pretty much what I think of him. “He’s good, but…” If Self were the coach, we’d have a very different team, and a very different attendance record.

    • Dave

      Here’s my unofficial list of players who left early for one reason or another…

      Adams, Martavius
      Akol, Teeng
      Anderson, James
      Bowman, Adarius
      Brown, Jamaal
      Cooper, Kenny
      Curry, JamesOn
      Flemings, Roderick
      Garrett, Brad
      Johnson, Torre
      Kirkland, Malcon
      Shaw, Jarred
      Thomas, Ibrahima
      Walker, Torin

      • Jason

        Jarred Shaw is still on the team.

      • Marcus

        Kind of a silly list. Bowman was a football player. Anderson & JamesOn left early for the NBA and both were drafted. Shaw is still on the team.

        • Dave

          Oops…I was copying from a spreadsheet and Shaw was accidentally included.

      • What’s crazy is this doesn’t even take into account kids like Keith Brumbaugh (SP?) Gerald Green.

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  • Marcus

    Some time I think I take craxy pills because I think a lot of our fanbase has a very short memory. Listen, we are not very good this year and that falls on Coach Ford. However, some of our fans act like Travis took over program that was coming off a Final Four and Sweet 16 game and that simply isn’t true. Coach Ford took over a program that had missed the NCAA tournament three straight years and promptly took the program to two NCAA tournaments appearances. That should be the end of the discussion. This program (despite being pretty bad this year) is light years ahead of it was when Coach Ford took over.

    The downward spiral of OSU basketball happened well before I had ever heard the name Travis Ford. Ford should get a ton of respect from the Cowboy nation for righting the ship and stopping the program from going down the drain.

    Is Ford perfect? No. Has there been mistakes in recruiting? No doubt. But the man has been coach at OSU for two full seasons and made the Big Dance both times.

    Listen, when it comes to OSU anything Eddie Sutton is my hero. I don’t know if I would love OSU as much as I do without Eddie but addiction has gotten us to where we are now not Coach Ford. Ford has done an amazing job righting the ship.

    • Nolo

      I agree, Marcus. I also think it’s funny that this team that’s “pretty bad” according to some is a couple possesions in Lubbock and Boulder away from being 18-5 (6-3) and alone in 3rd in the conference. We are also out a point guard in Gulley who is possibly our best perimeter defender. Instead, we’re 4-5 and within one game of third. The conference is still pretty wide open and the Big XII typically takes 5 or so teams to the tourney. Just one or two upsets in the regular season and the Big XII Tournament and we could still be dancing in March. I haven’t given up on my Cowboys, and I hope the Cowboy faithful are with me.