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Darrell’s Minutes



Have we fulfilled the statute of limitations for “time passed before one can discuss the on-court impact of an alleged rape perpetrator’s departure from the team” yet? I felt really uncomfortable discussing this Monday when it happened even though a few people tweeted me about it, but I think we’re good now. I guess. This whole thing makes me want to take a cold shower for about 45 minutes.

So Darrell is effectively done, I think that much is certain. His hearing is scheduled for March 7, two days before the Big 12 tournament starts in Kansas City. I don’t foresee any series of events that result in him donning #25 for the Cowboys again this year, and probably for the rest of his career.

So who steps in?

The obvious answer is the much maligned Matt Pilgrim. The easiest target and biggest beneficiary of any and all vitriolic frustration uttered by Oklahoma State basketball fans around the country, Pilgrim has been ineffective, inefficient, and at times, looked like he’d never even laid eyes on a basketball before.

The Senior is averaging 5 points and 5 boards a game despite being benched a few games into the Big 12 season. The frustrating part is that, according to, he accounted for 10% of the points scored by last year’s team, a team that featured uber-scorers James Anderson Obi Muonelo. This year, a Senior year in which OSU was expected to lean him to shoulder the brunt of inside scoring along with Moses, he’s contributed just 7% of the team’s total points while actually seeing an increase in minutes.

What’s wrong? Well we have no idea. Apparently he struggles with self-confidence and fear of failure, neither of which are particularly beneficial attributes for a Division 1 college basketball player. But Ford has been borderline (for him) enamored with him as of late, saying after the OU game, “I thought Matt Pilgrim was terrific. He may not have the best stat line but what he did for us defensively was good. What he did on (Andrew) Fitzgerald, what he did when we started doubling in the post, what he did on rebounding and what he did screening-wise he did very good and he played to win.”

So I expect the onus to fall on #31. And it’s not like he’s incapable. Last year, his per/40 minute average was a ridiculous 18-15. Now is he going to play all 40 minutes every game the rest of the year? No, but those numbers last year were in spite of two (at times) three VERY capable scorers whose wake he was riding.

Back to this year. Darrell was only averaging 7 points and 6 boards in 19 minutes/game in conference play, so we’re not exactly talking about Elton Brand here. You basically have half a game to fill with Pilgrim, Franklin, and Shaw. Let’s assume none of them will generally play together and try to fill in the holes.

Like I said, Pilgrim is already averaging 5 and 5 in 17 minutes so if you give him 10 more of those minutes it’s not unresonable to think he could put up 8 and 8, thus accounting for 3 of Williams’ points and 3 of his rebounds.

Let’s give Franklin (who averages 1.5/2 in 10 minutes) 5 of the other minutes and he could certainly get another 1 and 1,. And give Shaw (1 and 1 in 5) the other five to get another 1 and 1 and you’ve recovered 70% of Darrell’s production.

Yes I realize the formulas aren’t perfect and Williams brings more to the table than numbers, but my point is that this can work. His indictment is not a death sentence on (or off, for that matter) the court. Of course Keiton’s probably going to have to be lights out too. And Markel needs to make the mini-leap. And JPO needs to go berserk that rest of the way…

What do you think?

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