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Daton Fix and Alex Dieringer Aim to Lock in Final X Spots at the World Team Trials



Two Cowboy RTC members and a few former Cowboys will be going after a spot in the Final X series and chance to make the senior World Team at the World Team Trials Tournament this weekend in Rochester, Minn. May 18-20. We went into detail on what they need to do to make the World Team here. Here’s a breakdown of who and what they’ll face this weekend.

Two of the biggest names and storylines in the tournament are Daton Fix and Alex Dieringer. Both dominated their way to the finals of the US Open and dropped their matches on tiebreaker criteria dropping them into the WTT tournament.

USA Wrestling provides a really solid and detailed breakdown and preview of what to expect at these weights, 57 KG and 79 KG.

Both should roll to the final with relative ease. It was announced this weekend that Spencer Lee would not be wrestling in the World Team Trials, which makes Daton Fix’s path much easier, but is a little less intriguing from a fan standpoint. Barring any unlikely issues for Daton in navigating the bracket the Cowboy freshman will have a rematch with Tony Ramos in a best of three series to see who moves on. Their US Open final was a 2-2 score with Tony Ramos getting the only 2-point score in the match and winning by criteria because of that. The best of three series should be great. There were some insane scrambles in the first one.

Alex Dieringer’s biggest threat will likely be Zahid Valencia. Valencia was the NCAA champ this year at 174 pounds and is a very good wrestler. Personally, I don’t see him being quite on Dieringer’s level at this point though. Alex should roll through the tournament pretty easily and into Final X where he’ll have a best of three rematch with Kyle Dake. Here’s Dake and Dieringer’s final from the US Open if you haven’t seen it yet.

A few other Cowboy Wrestling alumni will be wrestling this weekend as well with Eddie Klimara at 57 KG, Jon Morrison at 61 KG, and Austin Schafer at 97 KG. Schafer is in the best spot of this group to make the Final X. He already sets in the final of the trials awaiting the winner of the tournament.

Eddie is in the same bracket with Daton, so his path is difficult to say the least, but making it to this stage is pretty solid for him. Jon is in a deep weight class, but also one with no clear favorite to win the trials. He’s one of about five or six guys I would argue have a shot to win this, so with a good tournament here he could make a run and win it.

Betting odds were put out on the trials and Alex is the heaviest favorite in the tournament at -400 while Daton comes in as an underdog at +160.