Justice Hill Taking Hands-Off Approach in Younger Brother’s Recruitment

Written by Kyle Boone

Sophomore running back Justice Hill was just a three-star running back prospect out of Booker T. Washington when he signed with Oklahoma State in 2016.

By one season’s sample size, rankings grossly undervalued the Freshman All-American’s talent. But to this point, the same can’t be said for his younger brother Dax, a five-star Class of 2019 recruit who has already garnered offers from OU, OSU, Alabama, Penn State, Michigan … and the list goes on.

Dax is a standout safety for Booker T. Washington who has been tabbed as the top recruit in the state, and despite his older brother’s experience as a recruit, Justice says he’s taken a more hands-off approach — with subtle orange-and-black nudging.

“I just say take it one day at a time,” Hill said about the advice he’s given his younger brother. “You know, he’s got two years left so he’s got a lot of things to experience. I mean, I try and nudge him to come here [to OSU] every now and then. But he’s got to make that decision that’s right for him.”

Despite all the attention Dax has received, he’s taking a measured approach and the wisdom from his older brother to heart.

“He’s just been congratulating me, just telling me to keep the good job up and to keep doing what I’m doing and to stay focused,” Dax said back in June. “He’s really just been telling me that even though he went to OSU doesn’t mean I have to follow in his footsteps. He wants me to weigh my options, and has told me I don’t need stay in Oklahoma just because I live here. He doesn’t want me to limit myself or my opportunities to just Oklahoma schools, so he’s encouraged me to explore all my options.”

As for a timetable for a decision, Dax says he doesn’t want to go down to the wire on signing day. Like his older brother, who pledged almost a full year before signing day in 2016, he says he wants to get his decision out of the way as early as he can in his senior season.

“I’m really not going to wait too long, but I don’t want to do it too early, either,” he said. “I want to make a decision when I feel like it’s the right time.”

Hill is ranked nationally as the No. 27 prospect in the 2019 class, and the No. 3 prospect at the safety position.

  • spokepokes

    Getting his little bro would be HUGE

    • James

      That’s what she said.

  • Doc Orange

    I needless to say hope he comes to our OSU. However I agree with Justice that Dax needs to weigh his options. I think he would be a great fit. And hope to see him in Orange soon. Good luck this season to both brothers.

  • Paul Bohannon

    Dax could really make a difference at OSU. The bro’s could really have fun. I can only say that Justice is a superior guy, representative of OSU students.

  • Greg Mitchell

    While personally I agree with Justice’s approach. It is so rare that we get to have a familial relationship with a 5* talent, I, selfishly, would like to put the full court press on this young man and land him. It seems that the “elites” are always landing some 5* based upon a brother playing at the school. Why not us?

  • David

    Dax is one of the best prospects to come out of this state in years. Hope he lands in Stillwater but if not he’ll succeed wherever he goes.