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QB Depth Chart Primer: What Can Mason Rudolph Do Better?



Ed. note: Adam Lunt has contributed a bit in the past and will likely do more in the future. He has some great thoughts to complement what Thomas Fleming is doing on the technical side of things. Hope you guys enjoy this depth chart series as much as I did.

It’s the slums of August right now, creeping up towards 100 degrees every day here in Fort Worth, TX. I’m currently finding ways to fill the time in between Game of Thrones and the occasional EPL game. I’ve been watching a ton of film this summer to pass the time, and have been itching to put some words out there on my projection of the depth chart and how I think each player will be used in the upcoming season.

  1. Mason Rudolph – Sr.
  2. Taylor Cornelius – RS Jr.
  3. Keondre Wudtee – RS Fr.
  4. John Kolar – Rs So.
  5. Jelani Woods – Fr.

Not really much to be said here.  Rudolph is a preseason Heisman candidate and the backups are the definition of inexperienced.  Most think Wudtee eventually passes Cornelius on the depth chart, which I agree with, however I don’t expect that to happen until next offseason. Cornelius can play, and is much more polished at this point than Wudtee. I would bank on Cornelius getting the nod first if Rudolph goes down. (furiously knocking on wood)

On the subject of Rudolph, I broke down his play here. To piggyback off that article, I think the places in his game I would like to clean up are his footwork inconsistencies. He at times can get loose with his plant foot, in addition to keeping his base more tight with his stance. His release is really sound, so you would like to see that consistency continue.

He absolutely needs to have more consistency on short/intermediate throws. OSU gave up a lot of yards albeit in small chunks, due to bad throws on flare screens, check downs, WR screens etc. I would ideally like to see him work the middle of the field a little better, especially given the talent they will have at WR. Outside of a few issues I think he continues to progress and has a massive season.

We want to see more of this.

We want to see less of this.

Shout out to Cardale Jo….I mean Jelani Woods.  I need you to spend the whole year reading the playbook (if you even have one?!?), working on pocket presence, and throwing footballs from the 50-yard line of BPS to the OnCue station on Duck.


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