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Desmond Mason sold a tequila bottle painting to George Clooney

He’s also painted for Alex Rodriguez and David Stern.



Desmond Mason has a pretty sweet second career. (USATSI)

Desmond Mason has a pretty sweet second career. (USATSI)

I don’t ever remember watching No. 34 tear apart the innards of Gallagher-Iba Arena thinking “this dude is going to sell paintings to Danny Ocean someday!”

And yet here we are.[1. This pales in comparison to the Matthew McConaughey story, btw.]

In an article in the New York Post — a really good article, I might add — Mason revealed that he once helped paint a tequila bottle for George Clooney.

Clooney apparently owns the brand of tequila Mason helped paint and the two vacation next to each other in Mexico. Strange words to type, for sure.

Mason collaborated with his artist pal Paul Snyder to create this ode to their booze — a replica of the bottle against one of Mason’s colorful backgrounds. The former hoopster designed it, while Snyder, a hyper-realist, painted part of the bottle.

“They’re friends and neighbors,” says Mason about Clooney and a few others. He also noted that he’s done work for Alex Rodriguez (of all people!)

“A-Rod blew me away. I was so impressed by his knowledge of art. It caught me off-guard a little bit.” Yeah, me too. No, not really — this seems like a man with off-the-beaten-path interests.

My favorite part, though, was when Mason talked about getting started in art at Oklahoma State and how his teammates received the dunker-turned-painter.

“Some of my teammates who roomed with me didn’t really like it,” said Mason.

“They always gave me s - - t. Either that, or they wanted me to draw them something for their dorms. They were like, ‘Man, can you draw Barry Sanders?'”

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