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Despite Fumble Issues, Seattle Seahawks Still Believe in Chris Carson

Carroll, Wilson show support for Carson after early drops.




Each new year presents new challenges. I guess that could be said for anyone in any walk of life. But in his third NFL season, Chris Carson is suddenly having an issue holding onto the football.

Through his first two pro seasons, in 18 games, Carson only lost two fumbles. He never lost a fumble in 213 carries in two seasons at Oklahoma State. In 2019, he’s lost one in each of his three games, culminating in a worst-case scenario for a running back this past Sunday.

In the second quarter of the Seahawks’ home game against New Orleans, Carson took a handoff and darted off tackle 23 yards down the field before being taken down by two defenders. But on his was to the turf, the ball was stripped, then picked up and returned for a 33-yard scoop and score.

Three gaffes in three weeks had the Twittersphere in an uproar, and it appeared to mean trouble for Carson, who has otherwise been impressive since taking over RB1 duties once as a seventh-round pick and again after coming back from a broken leg.

Carson went to the bench and spent the rest of the game behind perennial back Seattle RB, C.J. Prosise. The latter edged out the former with eight carries to Carson’s five after the drop. The Seahawks went on to suffer their first loss of the early season, falling 33-27 to the Saints.

But if there were any question as to who the Seahawks are riding with it moving forward, head coach Pete Carroll put those to rest.

“Because we do believe in him, we’re going to continue to show him that,” Carroll said Monday. “He’s a terrific football player, and we want to make sure and maintain that level of play from him so we’ll work at it, work with him on it.”

Carroll went on.

“There’s a lot of technical stuff that’s really important, right down to the last instant of that play that he fumbled on there’s another thing that he could do to ensure taking care of the ball a little bit longer. He thought he was secure and thought he was taking care of it and bang all of a sudden the ball comes out. That’s life you know. That’s real in the league and all that. He’s going to have to be really on because guys are going to continue to come after him just like anybody would.”

Following the game, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson also voiced his support of his backfield mate.

“I just told him that I still believe in him,” Wilson said to “He’s one of the best running backs in the league. Plays happen. There’s never been a player that’s never fumbled. That’s just reality.

“I think more than anything else, we’ve just gotta continue to believe in him. He’s got to continue to believe in himself, which he will. We’re all in this together.”

Carson said he has to improve in that area but also not dwell on it.

“I just have to keep trying to get better,” said Carson. “The defense is going to try and go after the ball so I have to be aware of that.”

“It’s one play. It’s a long game so you have to have a short-term memory and keep going.”

Carson and the Seahawks will look to bounce back on Sunday when they head to Arizona to face their NFL West rival Cardinals.

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