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Dez Bryant Gives Great Answer When Asked Where He Ranks Himself Among OSU WR Greats

Dez is GOATED for this.



Screenshot/NFL YouTube

For a lot of people, when you think of an Oklahoma State wide receiver from the last two decades you probably immediately think back to either a Justin Blackmon or a Dez Bryant or an Adarius Bowman. There’s no short list of superstar pass-catchers to pass through Stillwater, and the list of icons to scoot through in such a short time really is amazing.

So how would you rank them all? And where would you rank Dez among them?

A fan this week posed that question to Dez himself — who on Twitter posted what I think was a great answer explaining why he doesn’t worry about his standing so much among the greats because his focus, which sounds cliche but is 100% Dez, centered entirely on the value he brought to OSU to help change the culture.

“My response was that with all due respect, I never cared about a ring,” he said. “It’s always been culture building for me. What I mean by that is, when it goes into me working hard, me putting hard work on display, being the best I can, being in a controlled environment with my brothers grinding hard and making the most of it.

“That’s what it’s always been for me,” he continued. “It’s just been culture building. I never really cared about a ring. I was moreso [in high school], everything was strategic. I apply that to my business, to being on the football field, to everything. It was never about a ring for me. It was all about culture building. Yeah. That’s my answer.”

What a goated response. Amazing. No other words necessary, so here’s a throwback when Dez raced a horse inside Boone Pickens Stadium. Enjoy:

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