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Dez Bryant’s Sports Science was incredible

Dez = Freak



Is there a more perfect athlete for the Sports Science show than Dez? Maybe Gheorghe Muresan?

A few notes:

I wanted the person in chaps to be Dez like you wouldn’t believe. Would have been the greatest GIF in PFB history.

I…um…I wonder if the .125 seconds of brain reaction time is consistent in all humans. That’s all.

This whole thing is really goofy and I don’t really know that it proves anything — he knew where the ball was going every time, why not mix it up, wouldn’t that be a better indication of how quick his hands actually are? But it was still cool.

I don’t doubt that Bryant has the fastest or best hands in the NFL and I’m pretty sure he has some of the biggest. Nolo has a great story about shaking his hand and feeling like a toddler — and Nolan has the biggest hand I’ve ever shaken.

He said Dez’s hands are just a joke, like, a lot larger than they should actually be.

And since there are zero ways to transition out of that, here’s a couple of GIFs!

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