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Dickie V. Calls OSU’s NCAA Tournament Snub ‘An Embarrassment’



Oklahoma State will not be dancing this year, despite the way they ended their season and their collection of wins.

While Oklahoma State fans are obviously upset over the snub — especially considering OU’s inclusion — many college basketball analysts were also bothered by the Cowboys being left out. That included college basketball’s biggest fan, Dick Vitale.

“How in the world can Oklahoma State be sitting home today, and Oklahoma in the tournament, when Oklahoma loses 11 of their last 15 games? They didn’t win one game in the year 2018 on the road. And, on top of it, Oklahoma State beats them twice. Not once, twice. Oklahoma State beats Kansas, twice. Oklahoma State beats West Virginia at West Virginia. Oklahoma State beats Florida State. I have seen no logic. They can give me all the talk they want about early, what they did early 14-2.

“There is no way in the world that Oklahoma State, if Oklahoma’s in, Oklahoma State had to be in the tournament. I think it’s a disgrace, I think it’s an embarrassment, and it’s a humiliation to what this tournament is about. To tell you the truth it frustrates the hell out of me.”

Some strong words from Dickie V. and some I think all Oklahoma State fans agree with.

I said before the announcement that I thought OSU would get left out because the committee still looks too much at the numbers and their biases and doesn’t actually spend enough time watching the games.

I’m glad that Bilas, Dickie V., and their like are mad that OSU was left out. Does it make any difference or soften the blow for Cowboy fans? Probably not. But just maybe it will lend to some change in the future for a somewhat antiquated system of selecting champions. Hmm, sounds familiar. 


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