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Reaction: OSU Was Snubbed on Selection Sunday, Here’s the Fallout



The Cowboys did not make the cut for March Madness when the field of 68 was announced during TBS’, uh, well-received reboot of the Selection Sunday reveal show kicked off.

There were plenty or reactions to the Pokes’ Sunday snub. Here are some of the more memorable ones.

The Trae Young Experience

The fact that a reeling Oklahoma team was apparently safely in, despite dropping two-straight to the Cowboys and finishing behind them in conference play, will be a remembered storyline for this polarizing year in tourney selection. Nothing like another log to throw on that Bedlam fire.

First, from earlier.

To be fair, I was kind of with Mr. Dodd.

Now, the sad truth.

Sir Charles had his own questions about the Sooners’ gift-wrapped seeding.

Some outside perspective…

ESPN, once again, with a mother ship-sized oversight.

Now to the people this omission actually affects.

Looking forward?

But seriously…

I think there is really only one person to blame.

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