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DJ Tanner is a Mike Yurcich fan

Full House and Oklahoma State collide.



Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.47.53 AM

Just an all-time photo here.

DJ Tanner from Full House in a Shippensburg U sweatshirt.

A few questions:

1. Was there any worse fashion trend than girls wearing these baggy sweatshirts that we now make blankets out of? And concurrently, is there anything worse than a sweatshirt without a hood? You might as well give me a No. 1 at Chick-Fil-A without the chicken.

2. DJ lived in San Francisco, yes? Why in the world was she rocking the sweatshirt of a tiny school 4,000 miles from her home?[1. According to the depths of the Internet her boyfriend Steve either attended or thought about attending Shippensburg. Also I found these.]

3. Obviously Yurcich has to name a play after her now, right?

Via Ryan Sharp

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