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Does Throwback Thursday mean old-school unis for OSU?

If not this is one cruel uniform-related tease.



Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.37.44 AM

If you get emails from OSU athletics in some capacity you likely got the email you see above at some point today.

The verbiage:

Cowboy Football kicks off Big 12 conference play against Texas Tech on Thursday Sept 25 and the game has been officially named a Throwback Thursday game!

To celebrate, we are releasing a limited number of tickets at Throwback prices. Fans can purchase 4 tickets for only $100!

So now you have to wear throwback uniforms, right? If not this is the biggest tease since we all talked ourselves into Gottlieb taking over for Travis Ford about six months ago.

If you’re simply throwing ticket prices back to the old days and doing nothing with the uniforms you’ve created a situation in which pretty much everybody hates the fact that you even say anything.

I think something is going to happen that night. Here’s the real question now given that OSU usually goes black at home for Thursday night games:

Here’s what somebody on Twitter came up with.

I like.

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