Doug Gottlieb Says This Year Is ‘Just a Fraction’ of What Oklahoma State Can Be

Written by Kyle Porter

Doug Gottlieb joined Carson Cunningham on Sunday to talk about the Oklahoma State job, and it was tremendous. I’m having trouble stifling my excitement right now.

Gottlieb noted that Underwood was offered more money last year by UNLV and St. Louis but so badly wanted to coach at Oklahoma State that he took less.

“To leave over money when more money was offered (the year before at UNLV and St. Louis) after one year … is stunning,” said Gottlieb.

As for why he should be considered as the next coach in Stillwater?

“I’ve been around basketball my whole life,” said Gottlieb. “I think maybe now more than ever Oklahoma State needs somebody they can count on. We use the words ‘loyal and true,’ and in a time of need for loyalty I think it goes without saying I would plan on staying as long as they would have me.

“I’d be remiss if I said I don’t want it just because I want there.  I don’t want it just because I’m a personality and a big name, but I think it helps. I think there are some other things basketball-wise I could bring to the table. And help continue the evolution of Oklahoma State basketball. This is just a fraction of what that program can be.

“I’m not the perfect candidate … but I do believe I’m the best possible candidate. I do so knowing I have the best intentions at heart. This is not for money. This is not for fame. This is not for glory. This is for my university and the program and those kids.”

Watch it all.

  • Bat Rozelle

    Gimme the brand….
    Gimme the Doug…..

    • Tyler

      Gimme the curvise Cowboys

  • Vintage97poke

    People say no coaching experience. So say he coached under a guy anthem went to a mid major. What did he actually pick up. As analyst, he talks every week w different coaches on their philosophy as well as preparing for multiple games. It’s like going to coaches clinics 3 days a week w people like jay wright, etc. I’m all in. Imagine our 4 major sports being coached by alumni. He is one of us. Do the right thing holder

    • DKurt

      Great analogy! I agree-time to bring Doug home!

    • Adam Henderson

      He also gets to sit in on practices. He’s seen how all the top dogs do it and he has his own experiences to draw from. i don’t think Holder is this big of a risk taker, but it could be a home run.

    • Ak47

      I wish they would ask Doug this question. Would he say this in response I don’t know. It would also make for a great article (hint hint).

    • David Einstein

      Exactly. I don’t want another “industry” guy. I want a guy that loves OSU and knows the game.

    • Good at Cruitin

      i think if Doug wanted to be a coach – he’d be a coach already.

      • Tyler

        Doug wants to the be the coach at OSU and that’s the problem. Holder won’t hire someone with no experience and Doug won’t leave a job he loves to be the coach at Tulane.

  • Big D

    Kerr was inexperienced. Experience is great. But its not everything.

  • Remember The Ten

    Hire the man.

  • Adam Henderson

    I didn’t think we’d be doing this for another 5 years at a minimum… But Doug is right. If we want to hang on to any momentum in fan support and hope for any continuity, he’s the guy.

  • Mike Holder’s Agent

    I think any hire outside of Gottlieb this time around may infuriate fans. We just went “grabbing the mid major coach” route and we got screwed by the man. Holder is already disliked by the majority of Oklahoma State alumni and fans. The only chance he has to save any integrity or positive view is to hire Doug. Its that simple. If we hire a Kermit Davis or an Archie Miller, we will be in this same spot within the short term. Sure, those types of guys may not leave after ONE YEAR, but they will not stay at Oklahoma State for life. Experience or not, Gottlieb can get fans, students, alumni, and even recruits excited.

    • Chris Saxon

      Sorry man I basically said the same
      Thing you did. Great minds?

  • Chris Wright

    This seems somewhat familiar
    Brad Underwood = Les Miles
    Doug Gottlieb = Mike Gundy

    • Ryan Austin

      Only difference was; Gundy was already on staff… for years.

    • Scott Simpson

      Mike Gundy=natural leader
      Doug Gottlieb=not so much

  • David Einstein

    Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Gottlieb is my kind of guy. I’d upgrade my season tickets without question if he was hired. I highly, highly doubt anyone would have a better interview for the job than he would.

    • JB

      Nothing to lose? We would lose the opportunity to hire a number of coaches that actually have a successful coaching record.

      • Tyler

        There’s always gonna be a number of up and comer mid major coaches to choose from. Why not experiment with Doug and see if something great comes out of it?

  • Vintage97poke

    If we don’t name a coach by Wednesday, it’s not gonna b Doug. Shouldn’t b much of a search. U just did it 365 days ago

    • Shanewill3

      Not sure I follow the logic there. A lot changes in a year.

    • Tyler

      Couldn’t disagree more. Doug isn’t going anywhere. He wants the job, isn’t going to take another job, and doesn’t mind being plan B or C.

      I bet that list is completely different from last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if Doug is the only common name.

      You interview candidates and pick the best one whether that’s Dough, a proven power 5 guy, or mid major guy. Wouldn’t want to rush into Doug if you feel like there’s a better option out there.

  • John Patrick Mcguire

    Everybody associated with Norm Stewart thought Kim Anderson was a great hire at Mizzou–three years, 27-68, and this is AFTER he won A D2 title at University of Central Missouri. Gottlieb is not the answer…

    • Shanewill3

      I guess I use a different type of logic than most people. How does this make any sense whatsoever? Because one guy sucks then Doug isn’t the right fit? Lol okay.

      • Tyler

        Same logic with ppl who bring up Steve Kerr.

        NOBODY knows what will happen if Doug is hired. Nobody knows what will happen whoever is hired. Getting a new coach is always risky.

        We do know Doug loves OSU and has somewhat of a plan. I say roll the dice for a few years and see what happens. There will always be mid major coaches wanting a bigger job

    • Joe Barnard

      Yeah he is. Record elsewhere is no guarantee of success here. But Doug brings something none of the others do, loyalty to the school. He also brings the continuation of the enthusiasm, initially at least,in the fan base revived over the last year.

      • Good at Cruitin

        I’m loyal to the school as well. Should I be hired?
        I have the exact same amount of coaching experience as Doug.
        How would Doug coach shooting? Coach free throw shooting?
        How would Doug handle a player like Marcus Smart?
        The answer is – we have no idea. Because he’s never done any of it.
        It’s a huge risk that MAY work out, or may fail miserably.

        • Okstate2011

          Doug has more basketball knowledge than you or I or anyone on this blog.

        • Chris Saxon

          Did you have any experience at doing your job before you had your job? You must suck at it. Very flawed logic. What if someone had performed your job right in front of you in an intimate manner for years before you did it. Would that help? The guy is more than prepared. If he has the nuances who knows.

  • JB

    This isn’t the time to get emotional over a potential hire.

    Two days ago no one was saying, “Man, we really should have hired Gottlieb last year.” I’m not sure why that seems to be such a loud battle cry right now. Is it just because Underwood left, in what appears to be in a classless manner? Really? All of a sudden that means an alum shoots to the top of the list of potential replacements? The point I am trying to make is that there are a number of highly qualified coaches that should be considered ahead of ex-players/personalities. I really hope Holder approaches this process rationally, with only the best interests of the athletes and the long-term prospects of this program in mind.

    • Shanewill3

      If he has the best interest of the athletes and prospects of the program in mind then Doug is the guy. He was the next in line for the position last time, so it would make sense that he is now the frontrunner. He is the only option that the majority of fans will be behind and support from the start. Anyone else will have a whole lot of work cut out for them from that standpoint.

      • JB

        The majority of fans were behind Underwood up until yesterday, and they got behind him in a matter of days after his hiring last year. Saying Gottlieb is the “only option” at this point is a bit ludicrous.

    • Kim

      I was saying 2 days ago & most of the season: “I wish Holder had hired Doug or Mason.” It was, and continues to be my battle cry. (I’m still looking for Holder’s twitter handle if anyone has it.)

    • Good at Cruitin


  • VinDeeLoo

    As much as I would hate it for my WSU Shockers, I would love Greg Marshall to come to OSU. I also think Brett Weiberg would be a good coach. He has ties to OSU through his brother, Jared, who was one of the 10!

    • Brian Nay

      He’s making $3 million/year at WSU. He’s not leaving.

  • Chris Saxon

    Doug is the right move. Holder immediately gets out of the dog house. Fan base and media would go wild. It’s a Kardashian world. Then when the wins come, the lid blows off. It’s risky but the upside potential is better than any scenario short of self. If he craters well you’ve bought some time. Right now Holder’s seat is so hot he may not be around to make another hire. He needs to pull at the heartstrings of the Cowboy Nation asap

  • Chris Saxon

    Look at the ration of pro DG folks. It’s overwhelming.

  • JB

    I don’t buy into the idea that a coach will excite the fan base and fill our arena. Unfortunately only wins can do that. Look at last year. Does anyone think our seats were embarrasingly empty because Ford wasn’t an alum or whatever it is that people think Gottlieb has? The simple fact is no one came to the games because we were losing….a lot. If we were winning and on the way to a Big 12 championship then the arena would have been full, even with Ford. By nature fans like fair weather, and sadly that generally holds true for those that are supposedly “loyal and true”. We started winning some this year and it became exciting. That could happen again next year with any coach, but only if the team is winning.

  • Clint

    I think I’m in on Dougie (although the “who’s going to coach free throws” question is valid)! I’ve been a big fan since he was a kid. He has his issues, but he’s grown up. And, he totally had me when his old-school ringtone went off during the interview. Hopefully that was Holder calling!!

    • Matt

      Doug actually was one of the best free throw shooters in practice. He just had a mental block during the game. He can coach free throws.

  • David

    One good thing about hiring Doug would be that if he fails, at least we won’t have to hear his name every off-season because that name will have already been crossed off the list… smh

  • Tyler

    Risk it for the biscuit, I’m in. Can’t do anymore damage than Ford did and we saw how much improvement could be done in just one year.

  • Bryan M Cox

    Gottlieb just announced on his talk show that he is leaving the network effective April 14th, but was not at liberty to discuss his next plans, but would be able to announce soon. Anyone heard any scuttlebutt on this?

  • T-Bone

    Organizing, Scouting, Recruiting, Practicing, Developing Players, Relationships, Game Management, Public Relations. Which of these is Doug good at and not good at?