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Doug Gottlieb talks about the SI story with Russell Okung

Doug Gottlieb smartly discussed the OSU story on his show today.



Doug Gottlieb talked about the Sports Illustrated story on Oklahoma State today on his show and, as usually, it was really good.

A few quotes from Gottlieb:

Some of the accusations feel like here say and feel kind of hard to believe.

It’s a town of 40,000 people, somebody would talk.

My favorite part is when Gottlieb asked Okung if he would put this on his mom (as in would he swear on his mom it didn’t happen).

Okung’s response: I put that on myself.

He also makes a great point that SI didn’t call him, Brandon Pettigrew, Kendall Hunter, or Brandon Weeden to talk about what they did or saw. They only called the guys who were “not reputable.”


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