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Dunn on New Job: ‘You Wait Your Entire Life for This Opportunity in Coaching’

OSU’s new OC is fired up about the year.



After so many years in an assistant role, Monday’s first spring practice was the first time Kasey Dunn was given the reins publicly as he was interviewed as Oklahoma State’s offensive coordinator.

What he had to say did not disappoint. Dunn has always been one of the more candid, fun interviews in Stillwater, so it was great to get to hear from him on Monday about what excites him about the role.

“For me to step into this situation at this time, it could not be much easier on me,” said Dunn. “The staff is great, the offensive staff right now is fantastic. Our quarterback is really talented, our tailbacks are talented, the receivers are veteran receivers, the offensive line is as good as it’s been in a while, the cowboy backs are all coming back. I hate to say it’s hard to screw this up but it kind of is.”

I’ll take “quotes I hope I’m not pulling up eight months from now for $500, Alex.” In all seriousness though, Dunn is right. OSU football is in a lot of ways a machine. It’s Mike Gundy’s greatest achievement. Building machines seems easy, but it is not. He’s done a world-class job of that, and Dunn should be a great person to fine-tune the machine as it needs to be fine-tuned.

“I’m excited to get to the season,” Dunn continued. “I’m excited to be here today with 14 more practices to go. This is fun for me. You wait your entire life for this opportunity in coaching. You finally get that break to do it. I’m thrilled to be where I’m at at the time of Cowboy football right now where it is.”

Maybe we miss some of this. We look at sports and see assets and liabilities. Kasey Dunn looks at sports and sees human beings. He does a good job of bringing his job, his organization and the entire process down to a level where it’s easy for us to make sense of it and appreciate what he’s done the same way we would appreciate it if a friend or family member got a promotion. I’m a big fan.

And I, too, am excited to get to the season and also excited that there are 14 more spring practices to go. This will be a fun team to cover — both from up close and from afar — with a great cast of characters. Dunn fits that mold. And he’s going to be great.

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