ESPN Ranks Oklahoma State in Top 10 of Way-Too-Early 2017 Top 25

Written by Kyle Boone

The football season is now officially over. Clemson knocked off Alabama in the most dramatic fashion possible with a last-second Deshaun Watson touchdown to down the mighty Crimson Tide.

So now we look ahead to 2017.

And as we sit in early January, the outlook is bright for Oklahoma State. Athlon Sports ranked the Cowboys as a No. 11 team in its way-too-early 2017 projection.

And ESPN has even higher preseason expectations of Oklahoma State, who they ranked as No. 7 in its list released on Monday night. From ESPN:

Outlook: The Pokes will have to rebuild their defense after losing top tacklers Jordan Sterns and Devante Averette plus star defensive tackle Vincent Taylor, who is entering the NFL draft as a junior. But with quarterback Mason Rudolph and receiver James Washington announcing they’ll return for their senior seasons, Oklahoma State might have one of the country’s most high-powered offenses in 2017. Coach Mike Gundy has guided the Pokes to 10-win seasons in five of the past seven years, and after back-to-back second-place finishes in the Big 12, they might be ready to challenge Oklahoma for the title. They’ll get to play the Sooners at home in the Bedlam game next season, and the Pokes will also host TCU, Baylor and Kansas State in Big 12 play.

Interestingly, ESPN seems to be the highest on OSU in the Big 12. They ranked Oklahoma on down the list at No. 10, noting the losses of Joe Mixon, Samaje Perine and Dede Westbrook being difficult to replace from its most recent Big 12 title season.

Expectations for 2017 will be high, indeed. And the media appear to be hopping on board with Mason Rudolph and Co. early.


  • David Einstein

    Our best chance at a championship since…1945?

    • Scott

      That 2011 team had more experience on defense, but I think our current defensive front is better.

  • Doc Holliday

    I hope Gundy and Yurcich watched Dabo and co play to WIN tonight..if not call Monken and lets kick some ass next year!

    • r

      Amen! It was beautiful to see both teams go for it on 4th downs throughout the game and run some trick plays.

    • jt

      I wish I could upvote this 1000 times!!!

    • T-Bone

      Gundy would have kicked the field goal and lost in OT.

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  • Mark

    I feel like OSU is finally starting to get some much-earned respect. So it’s a little ironic when I say that I feel this ranking is too high.
    They acknowledge the glaring departures on defense, and yet minimize its impact based on the rankings. I dunno, I feel like that’s going to be a bigger deal than we are currently wanting to admit.

    But giving Gundy the benefit of the doubt based on consistency and prior years results? That’s new for the media! Next step is to reach the level of media bias that Texas and Tennessee enjoy – produce crap results on the field and still get overrated for the following year LOL.

    • SCPokes

      Don’t forget Notre Dame!

    • T-Bone

      Carson ended up being an important part of the running game. He was a monster. The Thunder to Hills Lightning. We will need another strong running back. And we don’t have a shut down corner which make us vulnerable to every teams great WR, especially after losing some pass rush with Vincent Taylor. We keep some good players but we are losing some valuable players and I am not seeing the replacements at the same level. Have to hope people step up.

    • Tomball Poke

      If you recall, the departure of Ogbah had us speculating about our D this year…..VT stepped up! If Daniels and Co. continue with Body By Glass, I think we can fill those voids….NEXT UP!!??

  • CowPoke

    Gundy is going to have to come to grips with the fact that if OSU is going to make a run they are going to do so by simply scoring at every possible chance. The defense just isn’t good enough to make enough stops or create turnovers to play the type of game he tried against OU this season. It’s the only chance they have to beat the OU, Bama, Ohio States…

    • T-Bone

      Those great defenses last night gave up over 60 points in the game.

      • Tj Smith-johnson

        They get off the field…. And it was great plays made against great defense… You don’t see us in recievers grills like that.. You don’t see our defense identify plays like those teams did last night.. That’s how much farther we have to go… Is not about points, it’s how you allow points..

  • jersy lilly

    O.U.’ step sister will be chasing the sooners once again. Good luck

    • Clint

      What a great representation of your fanbase – high grammar skills, punctuation, all of it…well done!

      • Tomball Poke

        You should read some of this moron’s posts on other subjects…. IQ of 1… Typical Land Thief…

      • jersy lilly

        Did you like it Clint, and by the way thank’s for the English lesson you are a credit to OU’S step sister. I like to misspell and put apostrophes in wrong places to see dummys like you try to show people your IQ lol lol HA HA HA. With that said you Cowgirls can take your mullet heads [lol lol] and suffer thru another year of WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR, HA HA HA LOL LOL.

        • Clint

          It’s “dummies” and “until”…but thanks for trying!

          • jersy lilly

            Clint your take’in this to serious,but i guess your a no non sense type of liberal. So l could wright a sesquipedalian letter but what the hell. I hope you got my my meaning so don’t over load your lemniscus Remember check the spelling not just mine but others and we will be proud of you.