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Examining the Five Best NBA Landing Spots for Jeffrey Carroll



For the first time since Tony Allen and Joey Graham were drafted in consecutive years in 2004 and 2005, Oklahoma State could be in line to have another of its players drafted in consecutive years in 2018 with Jeffrey Carroll after Jawun Evans was snatched up by the Clippers a year ago.

Carroll, OSU’s leading scorer in 2017-18, projects as a late second-round to undrafted talent in the upcoming draft. At 6-foot-6 with a shot-making specialty, he could find a niche in the league as a 3-and-D wing player in the right system.

Where Carroll winds up is anyone’s guess, but as we learned two seasons ago, he thrives alongside a playmaking point guard that can set him up; Jawun Evans was his best career-builder. So finding the right fit in the NBA may dictate his success and whether or not he sticks in the league at the end of the bench or works in and out of the G-League to develop his game as a pro.

So with the draft just over a week away, let’s take a look at some of the best landing spots for Carroll as he approaches life as an NBA player.

1. Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks were a surprise tank team last season, but could be in line for a quick turnaround in 2018 to help send off Dirk Nowitzki with a bang. So Carroll could not only join a playoff contender with the Mavs, but also find a nice fit alongside Dennis Smith Jr., a play-making point guard who would draw attention away from him in the backcourt to give him the open looks he needs to thrive.

2. Orlando Magic: I did a recent mock draft with CBS Sports and I pegged the Magic selecting Trae Young in the top of the lottery. Regardless of your thoughts about OU’s star, Young and Carroll could be a nice duo together given Young’s ability to find shooters in stride. Moreover, Mario Hezonja and Evan Fournier aren’t exactly game-breakers – the Magic could use some fresh blood at small forward to help re-boot the franchise, and Carroll could be an energy guy to come off the bench and provide pinch-scoring.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder are a Jeff Carroll (and LeBron James) away from contending in the West. OK, OK, that first scenario may not be realistic. But Carroll is. Alongside Westbrook, Carroll could be a stop-gap when Paul George leaves for L.A. (sorry, Thunder fans), and an upgrade from the little-used Kyle Singler. Westbrook needs spot-up shooters who can move without the ball and find their spots, and Carroll fits the bill. He’s an Anthony Morrow-type wing who can hit shots from deep at an efficient clip.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves: The Andrew Wiggins experiment at the wing isn’t going as swimmingly as people think. Carroll could insert himself as a back-up to him in Minnesota’s backcourt — and who wouldn’t want to see him playing alongside Karl Towns and Jimmy Butler?!

5. Boston Celtics: Of all the fits, this may be the one I would like least. I put it at number five (out of 30 NBA teams), which is very generous on my part. Boston has more wings than Wingstop – so Carroll would be little more than a G-League player unless Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward all decided to spontaneously pursue careers elsewhere.

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