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Fall Camp Primer: What We Know, What We Want to Know and What We’re Clueless About



Fall camp for Oklahoma State will begin on Thursday. It signals the official start of football season, and sets in motion a weeks-long camp that will provide clarity on the QB situation — and a number of other position groups that have question marks ahead of the season.

To preview Thursday’s official camp kickoff, let’s take a look at one thing we know, one thing we want to learn, and one thing we’re totally clueless about heading into camp.

What we know

Taylor Cornelius is really that dude.

Those wonky QB odds released from an offshore gambling site that had the grizzled veteran with the third-best odds of winning the gig are more off base than I originally anticipated.

After Gundy tabbed Cornelius as his guy going into August, he left himself open to the possibility that Spencer Sanders or Dru Brown could steal it in the final hour. But the more I talk with people as camp fast approaches, the more I hear that Cornelius is really going to be the guy. At this point, it’d seemingly take a herculean fall camp from his challengers — and a supremely disappointing, borderline embarassing camp from Cornelius — for him not to be the starter in Game 1.

All hail the Oil Baron!

What we want to know

How Jim Knowles’ 4-2-5 system will impact OSU’s defense.

Talking with Darrion Daniels and Justin Phillips at Big 12 media days, it seems players will be empowered to freelance ad nausea, make plays on the fly, and self-adjust in-game as opposed to pre-snap positioning delegated by coaches. I have zero idea if that’s good or bad, but I’m intrigued to find out what that exactly looks like in live action.

We’ll learn more about how the system sets up in camp — as well as how it fares against the potent OSU offense — as the days turn to weeks. But for now, this is an overarching curiosity itch I can’t wait to scratch.

What we’re clueless about

Zero — absolutely zilch — ideas on how OSU is going to put all its skill talent to use. It’s the real-life equivalent of owning six Maseratis in six different colors, but trying to decide which one you want to drive to church. Might not be a wrong choice!

At running back, Justice Hill is the dude, and J.D. King is a known quality. But what about Chuba Hubbard — is an Olympic sprinter really going to be the third option at tailback?! It seems entirely plausible. Which is borderline bananas. (Also, thank you for the incredible parting gifts, Marcus Arroyo!)

Right now the top three running backs seem fairly clear-cut to me (though I’m clueless about how they all get used.) But at receiver, I’m even more confused. Jalen McCleskey, Dillon Stoner, Tyron Johnson, Tylan Wallace, Patrick McKaufman, LC Greenwood, Landon Wolf. OSU will have to make some tough decisions on who the starters will be out of that bunch.

I could name a tentative starting unit of that group, but to me, the wild cards are McKaufman, Wallace and Tyron. With a strong camp, I think it could make the competition for the final starting spots an interesting battle. Which leaves me clueless about the starting receiver lineup post-camp, as well as where all the pieces will fit.

But again — a Maserati is a Maserati. Kasey Dunn just has to pick which colors he likes best.

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