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Fall Camp Update: QBs Cornelius, Brown and Sanders Impress Gundy in OSU’s First Scrimmage



Oklahoma State held its first scrimmage of fall camp over the weekend. As you’d expect, Mike Gundy loved the “effort and enthusiasm” put forth by the team, but emphasized the team has a “long ways to go” — B1 and G6 on the Gundy bingo card — but overall he says he’s pleased with how the team is developing as the season approaches.

Gundy also talked about the development of the position battle at quarterback. Taylor Cornelius has been tabbed as the guy going into camp, and talk throughout camp about his play has done nothing to dissuade that notion.

Gundy raved about Cornelius again Tuesday, likening him to a pitcher who hasn’t yet stepped on the mound in game action.

“Cornelius did good,” Gundy said. “He’s been in the bullpen for three years, he’s just never gone out and thrown a pitch.”

As for the challengers to Cornelius — Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown — Gundy feels they’re both progressing at a rapid pace, and showered both with praise for their quick development.

“Both of them did really well,” said Gundy. “I’m still shocked that they can absord as much information as they can as play the game as fast as we do. They’ve been here, what — 12 days? — and they’re doing really well. I think they’re really intelligent football players and they’re gathering information. I like where those guys are at.”

Cornelius is still OSU’s quarterback as the season-opener nears, but both Sanders and Brown have made positive strides. If they continue to do so, it could open the door for them to play early in the season given the new redshirt rule which allows players to compete in four games without burning a redshirt.

But if Cornelius continues to shine in camp (and quarterbacks OSU to W’s on the field in the fall), it seems unlikely a switch will be necessary.

Still yet, OSU has a great problem to have: a ton of talent at quarterback, but only one spot available on the field at any given time. That spot is Cornelius’ until it’s not, and based off Gundy’s approach to the situation, it’s probably not anyone else’s anytime soon.

“Cornelius is doing great,” Gundy said. “Continues to run our offense, he gets it, we like where he’s at and what he’s doing.”

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