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Fan Reaction to 8.5 Wins



Earlier today I put out an APB on Twitter for my followers’ thoughts on the over/under of 8.5 wins for this year’s Oklahoma State football team.

Nobody took the under.

We got two “I wouldn’t touch Phil Mickelson’s bookie touching that with a 10-foot pole” responses and the rest took the over. Most took it emphatically. Here’s a sampling:

MattVMyers: 8.5? Under 10 would be a disappointment with this team. Too much talent. We will lose to OU of course. Per the usual.

mattamilian: 7 Ws + 2 tough road games (A&M, Miz) + 2 iffy road games (Tech, UT) and OU at home. Weeden won’t let us lose 4 of those. Over. Great points, and well thought out synopsis.

tmax1024: Over, road schedule is tough, but we tougher. Yes, we is.

Brianraper: I would take the over. Anything under 9 wins will be a disappointment!!

cdtreece: If OSU somehow wins less than 9 games this year it will be an epic failure. How the standards have changed…

StuffMikeDoes: Betting on CFB = risking your hard earned money on 19 – 20 year olds to do what they’re supposed to… every time. What about Weeden?

jjones6993: I am taking the over no doubt. I would take the over even if it was 10.5. Might be a little strong.

shuttrking: Wouldn’t touch 8.5 for any amount of $$. I’m a glass half-empty guy when it comes to OSU football, half full with basketball. I think I’m 1/4 full on both.

natethiry: If the line were set at 20 wins, I’d still take the OVER. More rational thought.

pete_force29: I pick over, don’t see a 4-loss season coming our way….

sowhitematt: I say over, 8 ‘should wins’ on schedule, then manage at least 2 out of 4 vs A&M, UT, Mizzou, & OU, hopefully more.

peedro78: definitely over 8.5. I’ll say #okstate only loses 1 to aTm, Mizzou, or OU. 2 losses at MOST.

I think I’m being swayed to the “over 8.5 is a lock” side of things. Not to the point that I would put down any United States currency on it but to the point that as long as nobody gets h-word (we do not use that word on this site in July/August/September) OSU really should get to 9.

Lastly, funny exchange between me and my boy Sheets:

Sheets: “I want to put a lot of money on the over.”
Me: “What if somebody gets h-word?”
Sheets: “Then we’re totally f-word”

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