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Five Best Quotes from OSU-Tulsa: Tyron Has Been Practicing His Celebration



OSU promptly romped Tulsa on Thursday night to kick off its season with a bang, 59-24.

After the game, we heard from Glenn Spencer, Mike Yurcich, Mike Gundy, Ramon Richards, and Tyron Johnson as they evaluated their performance and reflected on win No. 1.

Here are the five best quotes from the Tulsa postgame.

5. Mason Rudolph: “We expected to win in this fashion. We had a great week of practice—well, a great month of practice—they were dedicated and prepared like champions. So it showed. We came out hot and with fire out of the tunnel, and we jumped on them quick.”

4. Mike Gundy: “Amendola rushed that field goal at the last part of the game. It was 1.07 on the kick, and it needs to be around 1.25. It was really fast, and you could see how the ball hooked. Kind of like what happens when you do it with your golf swing.”

3. Glenn Spencer on McGruder’s scoop and score: “Well, I asked him in the locker room cause I thought it looked like he was running into the guy that was chasing him: ‘Were you trying to get tackled?’ He said he thought the guy to his right were the opponents, and I said, ‘No, that was your own guys.’ Anyway, it was tremendous.

2. Justice Hill on J.D. King’s burst: “It surprised everybody. Especially that he didn’t get caught, too. It was great watching him.”

1. Mason Rudolph on Tyron Johnson: “Tyron’s made big plays before. But I think he was practicing his celebration dance in the locker room like two weeks ago. So he knew his time was coming.”

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