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Five Players OSU Needs



I watched a lot of college basketball last weekend. Like, a copious amount of college basketball. And as I watched I started noticing these patterns of players I wished played for OSU. They weren’t stars – of course everybody could use an Anthony Davis or Thomas Robinson – but pieces of the puzzle OSU could use in rebuilding what was once a proud institutional hoops program.

I even joked on Twitter…

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And yes, OSU could absolutely use a Henriquez to swat shots and score, pairing him with Cobbins down low would be outstanding. Here are four other players OSU could use:

A C.J. McCollum (Lehigh) – The Lehigh baller did everything short of pounding the floor in front of Duke’s bench right in Wojo’s face on Friday night. I’m of the belief that OSU already has a McCollum in Markel Brown but somebody needs to bring that out of him. Quickly.

A Tony Fiegen (Soth Dakota State) – The athletic red head does pretty much everything but score for a Jackrabbits team that could have advanced if it wasn’t playing the most talented 3-seed in the last 10 years. He doesn’t turn the ball over, gets every loose board, and helped hold Perry Jones and Quincy Acy to a combined six points. Somebody put Jurick through the Justin Gilbert portion of the strength and conditioning program in Stillwater.

A Brady Heslip (Baylor) – The three goggles made me want to put myself through a human-sized paper shredder but as OSU transitions (figuratively and literally) from a jump shooting team with Keiton to a team that (hopefully) runs and slashes more, they’re going to need somebody to just sit with his toes on the three point line and knock down daggers. Phil Forte, the single season three point record can be yours if you understand this.

An Aaron Craft (Ohio State) – A scoring point guard who opens up passing lanes, finds cutting swingmen, and plays wicked lockdown D on the opposing team’s best guard? Oh wait, didn’t we have that with Byron Eaton and cry “run him off!” after every turnover or errant shot? I know I did, the things I’d do for a quality floor general these days, though. The thing about Craft (as opposed to years 1-3.5 with Eaton) is that he has a feeling for every play. He knows when to take shots, when to feed his big men, and when jump on steals. OSU hasn’t had that consistently at the point since John Lucas was running things.

Who all stuck out to you guys last week?

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