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Five-star Bryce Thompson Says Relationship With OSU is ‘Everlasting’

OSU is in the mix to land the top player in the state.



Among the most underrated factors recruits take into account when considering schools is familiarity. It’s why colleges hire family members, why in-state kids more often than not stay in-state if they have the chance, and in part why OSU under Mike Boynton has had success recruiting. He’s keeping stars from Oklahoma in Oklahoma.

Oh, and it’s why OSU sits in a great spot with perhaps the biggest in-state star of all — Bryce Thompson.

Thompson this past week performed on the Under Armour circuit and spoke about his recruiting and schools contending for him. Of OSU, he cited an “everlasting” relationship with the staff — namely Boynton — and an excitement for that to blossom.

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About his relationship with Oklahoma State, Thompson said, “That is everlasting. Since he got to Oklahoma State, we have been super close. Also, they have two players on the roster who played with PWP last year, so I am familiar with them. Me and Coach Boynton have a great relationship, and I am looking forward to it growing even more.” [247Sports]

Thompson has blown up into a national name since Boynton and he formed a relationship. Michigan State has joined the mix, along with North Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado, Texas A&M … you name it. But the familiarity he has with the Cowboys and their coach should obviously benefit them more than any other program in the hunt. Whether or not that tilts his decision into a tint of orange is something it seems we’ll continue to have to hold out for until later.

For now, Thompson has no specific plans to make a decision, but says he and his family will evaluate all of their options before issuing a commitment. [247Sports]

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