Five Thoughts On The South Florida Game

Written by Kyle Porter

Box Score

1. First of all, beating South Florida at home is definitely a lot better than it sounds. They were picked to finish 8th in the Big East (ahead of Villanova and UConn) and they’re a top 100 KenPom team (or they were coming in). OSU didn’t win pretty tonight but when your second best guy only plays 22 minutes (and takes four shots!) you’re not supposed to.

Plus South Florida is the 340th fastest team in college hoops (61.4 possessions per game) so you weren’t expecting more than a brawl and move on…which is exactly what you got.

2. How about big Phil tonight? I have no words for the seven-point 14 rebound display he put on. Or for this…

3. What are the odds Le’Bryan didn’t know Sam Presti was in the house tonight? 0%, right? I guarantee you Le’Bryan knows every time a scout is in the house at GIA.

So to go out and play like he did — wandering, lost, confused, disinterested (whatever adjective you want to use that sounds like you’re describing Ricky Davis at a John Stockton basketball skills camp will suffice) — is pretty disappointing.

But at least he got to show Presti he can close games with free throws!

4. I know we’ve gone over this before, but did Markel buy Kobe’s jumper on Angie’s List this summer? Not to say he’s nailing everything (though 46% on FG and 39% from three are WELL above his career averages), but he looks really smooth right now. Good on him for working on his game when he could have coasted on his hops.

5. The rowdy made a u-turn but it was decidedly not back tonight. I’ll give it time though. I’m still not Ford to the bone or anything, but I can get behind a Marcus Smart-led squad dancing again in March.

I can get behind that just fine.

(As long as he figures out who this Desmond guy is….)

  • Nate24

    I was there. The rowdy definitely DID NOT make a U turn tonight. It’s insulting for anyone to even think that was even a decent crowd.

    • Pschultz11

      @Nate24 Only a matter of time before Grandpa Urine made an appearance.

    • Pschultz11

      @Nate24 Only a matter of time before Grandpa Urine made an appearance.

      • Nate24

        @Pschultz11 Just speaking the truth, dip sh**. Sorry you can’t handle it.

        • Pschultz11

          @Nate24  @Pschultz11 It was much better than last year’s crowd.

    • lilpotts18

      @Nate24 you do realize what a U turn is right? It means going one way then turning and going the other way… not going one way then teleporting to the complete opposite side. Crowds were down now they’re starting to grow, U turn.

  • thecreative

    I got to attend the game. Overall the game was kind of a bore to watch. Why?
    Besides both teams not shooting well they just wasn’t any excitement. Any time there was a good set of plays it was interrupted by a time out. Yes the opposing this is good for the opposing team to stop momentum but it seemed like we didn’t get more than 1 minute of play between stoppages. That makes it slow way down.
    The student section did their job. Many showed up but because of stingy seating rules everyone is spread out. Why not after half time ENCOURAGE everyone to make their way down and fill up the 200 sections. Drop that damn black cloth on the 300 section and make GIA small again. Make it fun for the people who actually attend then maybe more will want to come.
    We do have some special players and the possibility for some exciting games. But the greediness and high prices are getting in the way.

    • MFC_CRFF

      @thecreative Hmmmm….smells like Holder….

  • thecreative

    BTW I know you’ve been playing musical chairs with the commenting systems here on PFB but this livefyre system doesn’t seem to like returns.
    Posts as one big paragraph. And doesn’t take me back to your site if I’m not logged in already. Keep trying Kyle I hope you find something that works.

  • G-Block

    I’m obviously missing something here. I don’t understand the “Marcus Smart on Desmond Mason” video footage. How is he walking back, looking up at the scoreboard reminiscent of Desmond Mason?

    • Kyle Porter

      Desmond is on the video board and Smart has no idea who he is.